I have never really gotten into the dream board stuff.

I have tried though. I mean I thoroughly enjoy the playfulness of sitting in a group of people and flicking thru old magazines to cut out images supposedly representing experiences or things I want in my life (*here’s the first disconnect).  

But what has happened in the past is that when the time comes to paste the images on the ‘dream board’ and stick it up on the wall, a kind of chasm between me and them seems to energetically keep me at a healthy distance from the reality those images portray.

Why is this so?  

I have asked that question dozens of times because most of my circle of friends are all about the dream board, or meditating about manifesting, or the painted picture or like Natalie Sisson calls it – The Perfect Day.

There have been times where I’ve even poo-pooed the whole visualization process, but I can see now it was because myself and a few others, were only choosing things we ‘thought’ we wanted. Maybe that’s why I seem to sway more towards having direct experiences of things in order to really know?  

But is that just a game too? Do I really need to first experience something before I know if I really want it? I dunno, but right now that seems to be what is working out best for me. 

This could be because the incredibly humbling experience of mahoosive failure that we had in Dubai came about because I was chasing things that I only ‘thought’ I wanted. Truth is I didn’t want ANY of what I was chasing. I didn’t want to be the CEO of a Company. I didn’t want to be working from a lovely air conditioned office in Media City, Dubai. I didn’t want to only take mini vacations to Europe or Asia and return to the business to ‘work’ and plan my next vacation.  

How funny to think that I had simply bought myself a super expensive job. But I didn’t want a job! 

No wonder its said there is wisdom In hindsight! I was being a sheep, following what I thought would give me financial freedom, without any real pondering on what the cost of that ‘so-called’ financial freedom really was – no wonder it was such an epic crash and burn!!

So now I am here blending my judgement of dream boarding and visualizing with having direct experiences. I am flicking through photo’s from some of our house sits, and the ones singing to me are the ones we took at our amazing gig in Breckenridge Colorado. In April 2016 Nat and I spent the first 4 weeks there on a clean eating plan.  And these photo’s are showing me what I really want!

Every single day of that house sit I got up and made a fresh juice for myself and a blended juice smoothie for Nat (I’m not a huge fan of eating my drinks).


The impact of looking back at these photo’s and feeling the feeling of nutritional fullness from starting my day with one of these power juices is really surprising me.  

I have a longing now. 

I long to have a masticating (slow) juicer at more of the house sits we do. If I can’t have that, maybe I need to work out how I can carry one of these babies with me… sounds kinda ridiculous right now, but lets see what the power of want, visualization and experience will have on my creating of this 😉

*This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

What does your perfect day include?  Even if you are not taking part in this blog challenge, it’s a really valuable and fun exercise to take part in – go pick up pen & paper and feel into what you want!