For the last 10 months or so, I’ve played with the idea of starting to blog on this site. Maybe the number 10 is significant here – being challenged by the ever inspiring Natalie Sisson to write a theme focused blog post each day for 10 days is exactly the kick in the pants required (I’m not a fan of writing you see). Or perhaps its just a co-incidence, but to help you get a feel of who I am, I’m going to call it a ‘universal sign’ to finally take action 🙂

The process of this challenge is to contemplate the daily theme, in this case, Day 1 is ‘Finding Your Focus’, and soak up the video description/suggestions that Natalie provides.

So having done that, I feel it’s important for me to share the current shift in focus that I need to experience. And that is to shift up the gears, take things to a new level and move away from only focusing on surviving and allow more energy to flow instead towards ‘THRIVING!

I am fully aware that many people assume that my partner and I must be ‘doing pretty well’, I mean hey, we are in a different country every couple of months, surely living this life of travel means we have had some sort of ‘success’ right?

I get it. If I didn’t have this firsthand experience of knowing just how truly affordable (and of course, hugely rewarding) this travel lifestyle that we have enjoyed since the start of 2013 really is, I would still be under the impression that travel is expensive and only available to those with huge incomes, assets or savings behind them.

It’s just not always the case.  I mean at 21 years of age I left Australia on the ever-popular ‘right of passage’ year abroad with nothing more than a return ticket and just $700 Aussie in hand… ahhh memories, at least I did have a small credit card back then 🙂

Kinda crazy to think that 21 years later, I left Australia again with no real plans to return, at least not until I’d made tons of money, because that’s what the ‘promised land’ of Dubai offered – and I fell hook, line and sinker for it! 

But that ‘dream’ was not truly mine, it was a fantasy.  It seems now that I was destined to learn the hard way what was truly important to me.

So, after the epic brick’n’mortar business failure that we endured in the middle eastern sandpit, we chose to not go racing home and get a job to start all over again, from ground zero, aged in our mid 40’s (ouch on the ego there).  Instead we decided to start house sitting, first in Europe/UK (where the most assignments seemed to be back then) in order to experience what living without any expenses was like and hopefully get enough breathing space to work out how to get back on our feet.

The fact is that we started living our nomadic lifestyle with no income, no credit cards, no savings and no idea what we were going to do to survive.

Enter the first focus word – survive.

It’s really only in reflection now, 3.5 years later, that I can see how we’ve become so addicted to the ‘just’ surviving in terms of earning an income. As we went from house sit to house sit (virtually back to back), the only focus we needed was to make enough money to buy the next flights to the next house sitting assignment and get the transport and grocery money sorted out.

Seems we have been telling ourselves such a great story, almost to match this new minimalist lifestyle we were falling in love with… saying things like “We don’t ‘need’ to go out for meals or do any touristy stuff”…

But as the reality that we will soon be celebrating 40 gigs across 14 Countries hits, and seeing as we have no plans on stopping living like this, we are ready to change it up and experience more of what each place we visit has to offer. That means we need more to be able to do more – not just for ourselves, but for others too. 

Therefore, the new focus is on THRIVING!  There ya go Universe – it’s written and being witnessed by others, so therefore it will be!

To achieve this level of focus I feel I need these 3 sub-focal points:

  1.  Value myself and my knowledge
  2.  Break the habit of over-complicating things
  3.  Start the daily practice of writing 10 ideas and breaking the good ones down into 10 simple steps (see there’s that 10 again!)

I value your feedback so please do leave a comment, share your thoughts and if you are also on this blog challenge, please leave a link to your Day 1 blog post!

Global hugs,



Roaming Income Definition: Ability to earn an income from anywhere, at anytime, preferably leveraging your knowledge, skills & talents with residual income strategies.


natnjodie-300x300If we haven’t met before, my name is Jodie and my partner and I have been traveling the world since the start of 2013 as full time international house sitters.

Unlike all those inspiring stories of saving up for years, selling all your stuff, quitting jobs and renting out your home base to travel the world, we started living a nomadic lifestyle with what felt like no other choice.

That’s not entirely true of course, but the reality is that we did make a decision to just do it. And that decision was THE most crazy thing ever because it mean’t that we had no excuse, no blockage to have to work through, and really, no option but to get our shit together and create a roaming income because if we didn’t we would starve.