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My head hurts, my body is tight with anxiety, I’m even starting to perspire a little (Nan always said that ladies don’t sweat)…

Can I really break my habit of free flowing, time wasting procrastination?  

I don’t know, or at least I won’t know unless I do something different. Because if I don’t, I fear that I will just keep ending my day with a blank look on my face when asked “what did you do today?”

I can see so clearly that I simply can’t afford the energy expense needed for my mind to frantically search on rewind looking for signs of what I actually achieved during my waking hours of the day.  Its time to channel that energy into completing tasks. And I need to embrace the act of rewarding myself or celebrating the completion of both little things and big things.

I guess it’s starting with doing this blog challenge. Even though it’s Day 6 and I’m only doing the Day 5 topic now, *sigh. I think it’s because I haven’t started using the Pomodoro Method/Technique.  My partner Nat has and she’s raving about it. So what’s my problem then?

Before I go and beat myself up, I am going to remind you as the reader, which means me as the writer of this, that we are all hardwired differently. Some people have natural systems, structure and discipline focus. Others need to learn these traits. I am the latter.

I don’t even want to get into my removed outlook on what success is these days, at least not in this post. But I will use the term for the sake of the example of creating new habits. I am not here to focus on ‘changing’ my old addictive habits. For peace of mind, and honoring where I am at right now, I will simply take on board the new habit of following the Pomodoro Method.

My plan is to use a timer on the phone for the first step of listing the tasks I want to complete in a cycle.

A cycle is just short of 3 hours. I will only complete one cycle a day. And I know this will completely shift my experience of always being busy (doing not much) to instead being productive for one hour, forty minutes each day. There is enough evidence out there to support the fact that more can get done in a lot less time using methods like this.

So what will I do with all my spare waking hours?

This scares me a little. But perhaps it’s time to finish the Day 3 challenge topic of writing down (thus embedding the intention to create) just one version of my ideal day.

Here goes…

  • I wake up and grab my notebook & pen and write down 10 ideas or summarize the brilliantly clear thoughts and inspirations that float through my well rested mind.
  • Before that nourishing morning juice mentioned in my ‘Want it, Visualize It, Experience It‘ post, I enjoy 20-30 minutes of yoga or stretching.
  • Depending on the location I am house sitting at, I will feed & walk or play with the pets.  Maybe have a quick swim too 🙂
  • I find a comfortable spot in the house to set my Pomodoro session in motion
    • First 25 minutes is dedicated to doing an impact/ease session to create my to do list of the 3 MIA’s (most important actions)
    • In each 5 minute break I will pat or play with my foster pets, stretch with them and pour a glass of waterpomodoro-cycle
  • It will be time for lunch after one Pomodoro cycle, so I prepare an awesome salad with either warm pan fried polenta, some chicken or fish and a glass of flavoured mineral water
  • I rest my body after lunch but I want to keep my mind inspired, so I listen to an audiobook or continue on a video course (I have many that haven’t been completed).
  • If the mood strikes I will start a second Pomodor Cycle in order to take action on any inspirations that have come through.  If not, I will catch up with friends either in person or online or head out to explore the new area I am house sitting in.  
  • I love sundowner/happy hour and I can now celebrate my productive day, occasionally with a lovely sauv blanc or pinot grigio, and otherwise with a refreshing mineral water and some tapas.
  • The rest of the evening is open for whatever will be – eating or relaxing or dancing or watching movies or walking or swimming or talking with family and friends or just enjoying lots of pet cuddles 🙂

Wow – that was amazing.  3 days ago I resisted writing down anything about how my ‘perfect day’ and now in a 25 minute session I have written what my day is pretty much currently like!  The only thing that has been missing from this picture to date has been the focused productive bursts of time.

Y’know what – I really think I can do this!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5