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Hi, we are Nat & Jodie, full-time international house sitters since early 2013. Originally from Australia, we travel the world looking after people’s pets and homes while they are away.

This is a lifestyle we know we are born to do, evidenced by the fact that we have enjoyed over 97% back-to-back house sits since 2013. And yes we always take house sits with pets where we can… they are THAT important to us!

We work online each day and are real homebodies, so we will be home with your fur babies nearly the entire time, giving them loads of cuddles and love.

It does also mean we need good reliable internet with decent MB’s available to be able to take on your sit.



Jodie spent over a decade Managing Resorts & Apartment Hotels in prime destinations around Australia.


Nat enjoyed 13 years in the Australian Federal Police. Seven years of that was spent in VIP Protection looking after the Australian Prime Minister, the Immigration Minster, and Heads of Government & Royalty from all over the world.

*Your privacy and the security of your home and possessions are of utmost importance to us. 
Nat also held a ‘Highly Classified’ security clearance for many years. 


Due to the volume of our references since 2013, we have broken them down into years and PDF’ed them. You can find them below under “Previous Years References”.


March – Oct 2021   Guanajuato, Mexico

Looking after 4 dogs + neighbors dog most of the time!

“These two Aussie jewels had been here 3 years ago for months on end – and to our and our dog’s delight, they were back this year again! You could not find any other people who are better suited to take care of the house plus 4 + 1 dogs. Don’t know where to start but to make a long story short: experienced as they are able to manage every situation possible: power outages, torrential rain, car repair, medical urgencies, you name it. PLUS: their patience and good mood no matter what happens especially pleases the dogs and makes everyone happy. Whoever engages these girls will consider him/herself really lucky. For future years they would be our first choice – if available……..”

Susi and Hans


2013 – South West France

Looking after 3 dogs on a 40 acre property

“Jodie and Nat came to housesit for us from April to August 2013. They had a lot of responsibility as our home is a large house with considerable grounds, and we also asked them to look after our three large dogs (two Bernese Mountain Dogs and a Husky X) as well as to manage our staff. 

In addition, they took care of several groups of guests who came to stay in our luxury holiday accommodation. We chose Jodie and Nat from many dozens of applicants because their joint experience in hospitality and security seemed to be the perfect fit for our home. On interviewing them on Skype, their warm personalities and intelligence shone through and we jumped at the chance to take them on. It was evidently a good decision, for Jodie and Nat fulfilled the role magnificently and in fact far exceeded our expectations. 

We had an enormous list of instructions, which they followed to a tee. When things happened outside of our enormous list, they dealt with each issue professionally and successfully, keeping us informed at all times. Our dogs were loved and kept happy and healthy, our newly renovated home was exactly as we had left it 4 months earlier (even all the cutlery, saucepans and plates were in the same places, I don’t know how they managed it!), our guests and staff were very happy (in fact they adored them!), and everything had been meticulously managed. 

I was nervous about having people live in our home as we have just finished a 5-year renovation, and our house is full of rare furniture including centuries-old antiques and unusual contemporary items and even our kitchen was only recently fitted, but I had no need to worry as everything was kept safe and in order. My houseplants, I’m ashamed to admit, look far healthier now than when I left. There is not a scratch or even a broken plate. 

We are both truly astounded at the amazing job Jodie and Nat did and would have them back in a flash. I believe they are our 6th house-sitters (we’ve employed both professional caretakers and Trusted House Sitters) and they have been by far the best. 

If you are considering taking them on as house-sitters, I would snap them up as I doubt you will find anyone to compare. They are such warm and loving characters, and we are delighted to say that we now consider them our friends and look forward to watching their lives blossom online.”

Jeremy Davenport

2014 & 2016   Barbados, Caribbean

Looking after 2 rescue cats, pool and large garden

“Jodie & Nat came to house sit for us at our home in Barbados for 7 weeks whilst we visited friends and family back in the UK. They are both lovely warm, friendly people with a great sense of humour and extremely high standards and we can only add to the amazing and well-deserved references they already have.

Jodie and Nat didn’t disappoint, they were brilliant. We came back to an immaculate, house, garden, pool, and car which we know is no easy task in this very difficult tropical climate and more importantly, our beloved cats had clearly been very well looked after and were very contented and happy. Jodie and Nat even cooked us dinner the night before we left and again on our return which was really lovely.

Our holiday was enjoyable because we had peace of mind knowing everything was being taken care of. Jodie and Nat kept in regular contact with us by email and even sent us photos of our ‘furry friends’.

We certainly cannot recommend them highly enough and very much hope they will return next year to look after our home and pets once more.”

Val & Rob Crawford

2015 & 2016 – Breckenridge, Colorado USA

Looking after 1 dog and house, end of winter at high altitude

“I had the opportunity to watch Natalie and Jodie in action before engaging them to housesit for us. They took care of the neighbors dogs for two months last year. Since my house overlooks the neighbors, I had a chance to see them taking the dogs out in all types
of weather ( Colorado mountains in April and May can throw a lot of snow, rain, wind, and everything else at you). 

They really did an exceptional job of getting the dogs out to the dog park, and for daily walks or hikes. I also got to observe the care they took of the house & car. We were lucky to get to know them during their stay, going out for several hikes & joining them for several meals. So when the opportunity presented itself to have them watch our place for a couple of months, we jumped at it.

Since our dog is a rescue and is a little over-bonded to us, they came a few days early to get him used to the idea of new folks in the house. He loved having his two moms around. So much so that when we came back, he wanted to go off with Jodie instead of me ( they had stayed an extra week at a neighbors house to care for his dog) when we saw them around several times. 

Our dog is always our highest priority, but the house and cars were immaculate when we came home. While we were away, they would send a list of the mail received and scan anything we needed open. We have already arranged for them to come back again
next year for two months. 

Enough said.” 

Jim and Travis

2017 – San Diego, USA

Looking after 2 large dogs

“We had the honor of Nat and Jodie staying in our San Diego home and watching our fuzzy babies while we traveled abroad. We vacation often for 2 weeks at a time and have no children. Leaving our fuzzy kids is tough, especially leaving them with someone you’ve never met. I’ve been picking sitters now for almost 10 years. The task is never easy when looking for someone to care for your animals almost as much as you do. To care for your house as much as they would for themselves. To trust and to be at ease when leaving is no easy task. I have had really great sitters and have had really bad ones.

When Nat and Jodie inquired about my House/Pet sitting Post, I knew they were the ones. The very first thing I noticed about them like no other sitter is that they are an open book. They tell you everything in their message, their profile, all their many references, and their social media. They lay it all out for you to see who they are, where they are, where they’ve been and all the wonderful animals they have taken care of. Huge, to me. When we got in touch it was like they were old friends. We emailed, we Zoomed (Face Timed) a couple of times. They had many questions and answers. It was a no-brainer.

We weren’t able to meet them due to us leaving earlier than they arrived but the transition was still smooth. My good friend greeted them and told me they immediately got on the floor with the pups. My friend loved them, as well, and let me know that they were definitely in good hands. We kept in touch here and there via What’s App. Sending updates, pics, videos, etc. Nothing better to be halfway across the world knowing your most beloved possessions are in amazing hands.

Nat and Jodie greeted us upon our return. It was so nice to finally meet them face to face. We chatted a bit and then they were off to their next destination, after amazing hugs goodbye btw. I must add, they took full responsibility for their travels coming and going. We only did train pick up and drop off. As we began to unwind from our long journey back I noticed something. The house was immaculate. It was cleaner than we left it. I couldn’t find one thing wrong, broken, missing, even moved! It was like we never left, in a good way. Our backyard received some major love, as well. It was mowed, raked, swept, and watered! It looked pristine. What a treat! The pups were happy and in great shape and to be honest, really missed the girls.

I would highly recommend Nat and Jodie. Not only are they the depiction of Professional Housesitting, but they are also a lovely couple who I hope to see again real soon. Your house, car, pets will be in very trusting hands. Responsible, caring, solid people that I would like to call my friends.

I am more than happy to chat with anyone with questions.”

Shannon Foley

2018 – Adelaide, Australia

Looking after 3 dogs (1 blind & deaf) and 2 cats

“We just knew that Nat and Jodie were the perfect house sitters for us from the minute we read their wonderful profile! 

Although we hate to admit it, we are those very particular (weirdo) pet owners who have a hard time leaving their pets to go on holiday. Also, as we both work in the animal industry, we have particularly high standards and have animals that have been rescued and come with specifically unique requirements. Therefore, it was very hard to leave our trust in anyone to look after our furkids as well as we do. 

In saying that, we had booked a cruise and knew we had to leave our 5 furkids (3 dogs & 2 cats) with someone while we were away. Nat and Jodie did not disappoint! From our initial contact with them, they were quick to reply and set up a skype chat so we could all get to know one another face to face. They organised to come a day before we left (which is genius) so they can see our pet’s routines, feeding, environment, play, etc, and get to know us a little more before we left. It gave us huge peace of mind to be able to see the girls playing and handling our furkids confidently in the flesh. 

Knowing our kids were in the best hands, we excitedly left for our cruise. With limited internet access while we were away, it was wonderful to receive photos and updates at each port or when we could snatch a little wifi. The girls sent us lovely photos and videos of the furkids doing their usual crazy antics (like sleeping upside down in bed and snoring so loud you can’t sleep!) so we just knew they were well and truly being spoiled. Not only did they excel in caring for our furkids but they also looked after our house and garden, keeping our plants alive in over 40 degrees heat while we were away. The house was immaculate when we got home and they even left us a little parting gift. 

We have nothing but good things to say about Nat and Jodie and their house sitting skills and happily recommend them to anyone. We certainly hope to get them back in the future but know they are pretty steadily booked out and can understand why. 

Thanks again Nat and Jodie and best wishes on your worldwide house sitting adventures.”

Gaby & Suzie
Kinta, Kammie, Gertie, Peanut and Pebbles 🙂

2020 – Vermont USA

Looking after 2 dogs, 5 sheep and a cow called Kai, in the winter snow

“I can’t recommend Nat and Jodie highly enough. Due to our schedules, we had only a couple of hours to show them our rather extensive house and pet care routines, but they were such total pros… they asked all of the questions they needed to, and I had no concerns whatsoever that they would do a great job with our pets and home.

We did, in fact, have an issue with an outdoor water line for the animals, and Nat and Jodie went to the hardware store, got the parts, and repaired it themselves! It was a simple fix, but that was definitely beyond the call of duty…

Lastly, Nat and Jodie were both absolutely lovely people and were kind enough to send us regular updates and photos of our fur babies while we were away. I give Nat and Jodie my highest recommendation!”

Susan Johnson



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