I can swim naked in the pool here at this house sit on St Lucia. The feeling is amazing!

The feeling is freedom!

I can take time to really appreciate the impact it has on me when I receive the completely open, trusting, unconditional love from the pets we are honored to take care of in different parts of the world.  To me this is a huge step towards ‘allowing’ freedom (will explain more in a minute)

So if I can allow freedom and feel freedom, why can’t I experience freedom all the time?

Well, I can if I choose to, if I have the courage to, I believe I can.

Do I need to have tons of money flowing in effortlessly?  Well that would be nice…

Do I need to be traveling to different Countries every other month?  I’m already doing that and I love it, but I do get a bit fearful of immigration entry sometimes…

Can I say what I want to my partner, without having to edit or act or be in fear of being misunderstood? Most of the time yes, but there are still a few times when I am so in my head planning out scenarios that never happen…

Reality is, I can tell myself that I don’t have true freedom in all areas of my life right in this moment of time, but y’know what? That simply is not true. Right in this moment of time I can allow myself to feel freedom.

I feel that the only thing stopping my freedom fulfilment is myself. 

Breaking that down further, it’s my thoughts, my worries, my fears, my judgements, my doubts and so on.

But what if every moment of time is just joined together with every moment of time to make up the completeness of life?  What if I just focused on this moment of time, can I find the freedom feeling right now?

If your mind needs to flick back through the files to find a memory of when you felt free, allow it to do that.  Or just for fun – why not imagine yourself stripping down, standing in the warm sun with your arms spread wide, looking up to the amazing blue sky, seeing the clouds gently roll by, closing your eyes and focusing on your skin.  What does it feel like to have warm air, sun, a soft breeze caressing you?  

Now dive into that pool.  The water temperature is 29 degrees C (85 F).  What does it feel like swimming naked?  No-one can see you. You are surrounded by tropical rain forest, abundant fruit trees, hummingbirds and oh hang on, you are being seen… by that majestic bird of prey flying high 🙂


In answer to Natalie Sisson’s challenge to discover my ‘WHY’ for currently having and also wanting more freedom in my life, my answer is to be the pebble thrown into the water.  If I focus on feeling freedom one moment at a time, then the ripples of my joyful feeling spreads out around me and washes over others in my sphere.  

While I am part of the freedom collective, my part is to focus on how I feel. Doing this and nothing else, is simply enough for others to follow suit. As more and more people feel into the feeling of freedom, and then choose to feel it as often as possible – then we have something really special happening in the world.  I hope you can feel it too!

That is my WHY.

Freedom is a feeling first.  Find that freedom within and watch the world around you change before your very eyes!  It’s an amazing game to play 🙂

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2