On this page, you’ll find crypto resources that we use each day & recommend. The thing we like most is they’re not just resources. They represent the projects of entrepreneurs and creatives that spend countless hours creating what they do, to make people like us able to trade, earn, and create passive income streams from crypto.

*In full transparency, most of the links on this page are affiliate links, so if you purchase from one of the links we receive a commission from the company. This is at no cost to you and is one form of our own roaming income 😉 Win-Win… Yay!



Helping you become location independent, roaming the globe as you please with plenty of leveraged and passive income, with special focus on Crypto investing & earning a passive income from crypto bots.




Check out the world’s most popular program for creating daily cash flow from crypto… that’s enabled us to semi-retire as we travel! 

The Plan is open at limited times, so jump on the waiting list to join when it opens again.


As crypto becomes more mainstream, we’re fast seeing the birth of new ways to spend digital money. There are an increasing number of big financial companies including crypto in their offerings (Visa, Paypal, Mastercard), along with crypto exchanges offering their own debit cards that enable you to use your crypto holdings to pay for everyday items, such as groceries and takeaway food.

We have a few debit cards (we don’t do credit cards), and here is what we recommend…

The Plan with Dan Hollings

THE CRYPTO.COM CARD is one of the largest crypto exchanges and they now offer a debit card for members to spend their crypto holdings, anywhere where Visa card is accepted. There are 5 levels of membership depending on how many of their native token, CRO, you stake on the exchange. But they have great rewards, particularly at the top levels including 8% cashback on purchases, airport lounge access, and even private jet partnerships. Go figure!! 

The Plan with Dan Hollings


We just recently invested in the Revolut card, the Metal one. We particularly liked it because it is one of the first fiat (normal money) cards to incorporate crypto into it. The card lets you spend in multiple currencies and from your crypto balances, get local cash from ATMs, and transfer money globally. The card has a Revolut app which is handy as you travel. Check out the one for your country as they offer different rewards for different countries. 


We have been involved in crypto since 2018 and are fascinated (actually we’re completely obsessed!) by the way crypto is changing our financial world. We love being at the leading edge of this new emerging world as we transition from the old financial system where the few get richer, into a fairer system where everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper. Yes, crypto is finally the opportunity for the people, by the people.

We are also obsessed with creating passive income from crypto, and there are many exchanges and wallets now offering VERY nice interest on your holdings. Here are the ones we use below… plus the Bitsgap software we use to run our automated crypto bots that spit out profits every few minutes.


After doing the Plan program (mentioned above) we signed up for Bitsgap which is software that runs our automated crypto bots. Using Bitsgap means we can set up the bots (using the settings given to us in The Plan) and then allow them to run, making trades every few minutes and spitting out the crypto profits minute by minute, which we can then withdraw to our bank and use to buy whatever we like. It basically sets up a crypto ATM!


We use Shrimpy to automate our crypto rebalancing. Rebalancing is a technique used to grow assets by many portfolio managers, and using Shrimpy could not be easier. Once you setup your portfolio of crypto coins, it gets to work, selling any of your coins that have risen in value, and buying more coins in your portfolio at low prices. The result is selling high and buying low every hour, thus making profit and adding to your coins stockpile.


The Cointracking software has become a Godsend for us as we have built up our crypto portfolio. We used to manually work out our coin holdings (over 100 of them) and their value, which changes every minute. With Cointracking we’ve been able to hook up our wallets & exchanges and in a second see what our crypto is worth.  As a bonus, it also does your crypto taxes!


Tracking your crypto taxes is such a new area for everyone, and it has been a bit of a minefield until now. Jessica & Guillaume are crypto enthusiasts, students inside “The Plan” and also happen to be great at all things taxes.  They offer guidance & support inside of Crypto Bookkeeping Simplified, which will teach you what you need to report for your taxes in each country, and how to set up systems and use software to make it simple.


There is a wide variety of wallets and exchanges available these days to get your fiat money into and back out of crypto, and to swap between tokens. Here are some of our more favoured exchanges and wallets, and they are particularly useful ones if you join ‘The Plan’ as many of them hook up to the Bitsgap software.

The Plan with Dan Hollings

With 4 million users, up to 17% APY paid daily on your crypto holdings, and the ability to instantly borrow against over 40 coins as collateral, NEXO is one of the biggest and most respected Exchanges. They are also insured for $375 million and offer crypto cards where you can spend against your holdings instead of your crypto itself. Check them out and get $25 worth of BTC when you sign up.

The Plan with Dan Hollings
Celsius is one of the original wallets that pay interest on many of your coin holdings, and they pay even more when you decide to take the earnings in their native coin, CEL. They boast over $30 million in insurance, have customers from 150 countries, and no fees for minimum balances, loan origination, or transfers. You can also earn $50 worth of BTC when you sign up with your first transfer of $400 or more.
The Plan with Dan Hollings
One of the giants when it comes to crypto, this all-inclusive exchange boasts low fees, strong security, and ease of use. They also pay good interest on a wide variety of coins. One of their strong points is the valuable added benefits you get when you stake their native token CRONOS (CRO), which enables you to qualify for one of their Visa cards with cash back rewards and a host of other great rewards.
The Plan with Dan Hollings
FTX is terrific for more experienced crypto investors who want low fees and advanced features. They boast excellent security, and a NFT marketplace all built in, making it easy to buy your favorite NFT. Get 5% off transaction fees when you sign up using the link below.
The Plan with Dan Hollings
Binance is one of the world’s largest exchanges. It actually has two exchanges, one for the US and one for everyone else, although the US one is not in every state. Both have low fees, have access to hundreds of coins, and pay interest on crypto holdings.
GO HERE for the US Version.
The Plan with Dan Hollings
Kucoin is great for experienced non-U.S. cryptocurrency traders who want access to more coins and advanced features. They have low fees, good customer service, and a wide range of coins on offer. You can also earn interest on your holdings. Get up to 500 USDT in bonuses using the link below.
The Plan with Dan Hollings
OKX is great for non-U.S. residents who are crypto-curious, as well as experienced day traders and professional brokers. What we love most os their huge array of exotic coins that are hard to find on other exchanges. They boast high staking APY’s, educational resources, and you can open an account with a variety of fiat currencies. Use the link below and get $10 in BTC when you buy $100 in crypto.
The Plan with Dan Hollings
Gemini is an exchange for investors and traders of all skill levels who want a full-featured cryptocurrency platform. They have a wide crypto selection, low minimum purchases, and a trading platform. You can also earn interest on your crypto holdings, although they don’t pay as high as other exchanges. One good thing is they are available in all US states. Earn $10 worth of BTC after buying or selling $100 by using the link below.

The Plan with Dan Hollings
Kraken is an exchange that has been around for awhile. They are particularly good if you’re a more experienced investor who can make the most of their advanced features. They boast great security, a wide range of crypto tokens, and advanced trading features. Their fees are not too bad either. They also have a 24/7 support team… big bonus! Their mobile app is easy to use and injects a little bit of fun as they “Unleash the Kraken!”
* DISCLAIMER… The resources contained herein are for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. We are not licensed financial or registered investment advisors. Trading cryptocurrencies pose considerable risk. We do not guarantee any particular outcome. You must do your own research before investing in any of the resources we recommend. 


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