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Time for a quick update from The Plan with Dan Hollings… something we have all been waiting for. Phase 4 has now been officially released and it covers the highly anticipated Leveraged Coin bot settings. And the best news is, it’s FREE when you invest in Dan Hollings The Plan program

The following is an edited version of the video transcript…


Hello, it’s Jodie here, and today I’m wanting to talk a little bit about the absolutely amazing Phase Four that’s been delivered into the member’s area of every single person who is already a member of The Plan.

First and foremost, if this is something that you are not involved in as yet, then make sure you follow the link if you are looking to become a part of Dan Hollings The Plan and more importantly if you want to become one of our Bot Buddies and get access to our support community in Slack.

We now also have a Telegram channel to keep you updated on when our live Zoom calls are so that you can get your questions answered live. There, we can share screens and brainstorm. And more importantly, at least for the next few weeks, we’ll be talking a lot about Phase Four that has been delivered. It’s definitely a game-changer!

For those not inside of Dan Hollings The Plan yet, ultimately what happens from now and going forward is you get two courses for the price of one.

It is a big investment to come into The Plan, we know, but it is a very worthwhile investment because you’re getting skills for life. Particularly now that we’ve got this additional training that’s been put in there which really helps through times like we have gone through in the last few months in this bear market.

Based on what we learned from Dan Hollings in Phase One, the ‘Grid Bot Gold’ course, everyone’s been really good with following the rules. A few people have gone out and broken the rules a little bit, but that’s just trying to do anything to make things work while the market has been so down, particularly if they started a little bit higher and the value of things has dropped.

But in Phase Four, there are some really good lessons to cover these market conditions, so we still profit even when the market is down!

For those already in The Plan, if you didn’t know, you’ve got it in your member’s area, so I’ll quickly run through what each of these lessons is about.


Of course, not revealing everything, because I’m not allowed to do that. But it starts with this first question, are you ready for Phase Four? You do have to actually answer a couple of little questions just so that the team gets to know where everybody’s at and make sure you’ve at least gone through the first part of the course in Phase One.

I know this sounds weird. It’s Phase One then Phase Four. Phase One is about Bitsgap, and it’s about the automated grid bots. Phase Two and Phase Three is something a little bit different and you definitely do not need to buy them.

My disclaimer: outside of not giving any financial advice, do not feel you need to be buying from Dan Hollings all the time. This is a big enough investment as it is, but it’s one that will certainly pay off. And, as I said, you’re getting skills for life with Phases 1 and 4.

So, back to starting Phase 4 of The Plan. You just answer all of the questions first. I just asked for more education on the charts and things like that because I’ve got an interest in that. But you’ll see the choice and fill in your own answers. Once that’s done, it unlocks and then you can go through and look at the lessons.

It’s quite funny that I had previously done a video about fixing gray lines in the Bitsgap (You can read that POST HERE).

And I’ve also given some education on our Bot Buddy calls about closing a bot at breakeven, which has been quite an important thing with this down market, particularly those that started a little bit earlier when the market was higher and then things have dropped. That was a lesson that I had actually already provided within our private group. 

The thing that really stood out for me in these particular lessons is definitely the scavenging green lines. Not everyone is going to be able to do that if they have just been letting their bots run for the last few months because they might not have any green lines available if the grid has gone out of range.

Protecting profits, was a really good lesson as well. And interesting for you to help establish your own set of rules, and your own set of boundaries.

Closing a bot at breakeven, as I said, I’ve already talked about that one myself but it is also covered here.

Swapping coins with TWAP. I’ll give you a little hint, it’s just like DCA, but it’s something that can actually be done inside Bitsgap, which is kind of really cool.

For me, the most impressive lesson was leveraged tokens. So leveraged tokens are something we knew was going to be coming in Phase Four because in Phase One Dan Hollings told us not to choose coin pairs that are leveraged tokens. This is an hour-long lesson, but it flew by and was super worth it. 

I can watch Dan Hollings videos on 1.75x speed up, which you can do also by going to the little cog on the video section and just changing the speed.

I can get him up to 1.75x and still fully understand him, so that helps get through an hour-long lesson much quicker. This is actually the only lesson that is long. The rest of them are really quite short… They’re somewhere between 15-20 minutes, and a couple of them are even shorter than that.

But this one-hour one, flew by because I was so fascinated by the way he explains that the settings are different from what we’ve learned in Phase One. So it’s very, very good.

And, we look forward to seeing some bigger profits using leveraged tokens.

Now, back to my two favorite lessons! First, the Heikin Ashi candles. That one was amazing because he actually shared a way for you to be able to make better decisions on the timing of starting a bot.

I can’t give too much away. You just have to go and watch it! I’ve already started playing around with it and I find it so interesting. So make sure you watch that one to the end.

My other favorite is Turning Losers Into Winners. You can still make money through a bear market, through the sidewards wiggle. But when you are just starting and just as you think that the market’s going up it drops down again, if for whatever reason the bots go out of range, you kind of sit there going “Well, I’ve been told to do nothing. Just wait, just wait…” But we don’t know how long this bear market is going to keep going on for.”

When the markets down the choices are, do you sit there and do nothing with bots out of range and not actually earning any wiggle profits? Or do you look at how you can turn some losers into winners?

It’s almost like swapping from one hand to the other because the whole entire market’s down. It doesn’t really matter what coins you are holding. 

I found this particular lesson entirely fascinating! It made so much sense from a psychological standpoint. We’ve talked about this on some of our Bot Buddy calls and not everyone fully gets it. I think sometimes you just need a little bit of a reframe and that’s what this lesson does.

On top of that, a few of Dan Hollings “Fly on the Wall” sessions inside of The Plan are well worth going back and having a look at so you actually get to see how Dan Hollings thinks about things.

Yes, he’s delivered us a bunch of rules, which are really important to follow, but sometimes you can get a little bit more empowered and not be so scared of what’s happening in Bitsgap and your grid bots, and you can take ownership of your money and make it work for you.

That’s sort of the point of The Plan. You can do what everybody else does, which is buy some crypto and just let it sit there and wait for the value to go up. Or you can put that crypto to work and actually create a daily cash flow.  

That’s what is so unique about Dan Hollings The Plan.  It is a standalone program. With Phase Four here on top of Phase One, you’ve got all the information you need to make these babies work for you!

I’ve literally spent the last few months searching for other investments and opportunities that can produce what The Plan can produce in daily profits because it really upsets me when people outside of The Plan get downhearted about the market being so down and so low.

It’s been interesting going off on these tangents and researching these different things out there. There are so many crypto scams!! It is insane!!

I’ve lost money…and I think I’m super savvy and super smart, but I’ve lost money on some of these things because it’s just rampant. I guess there’s a few rules when it comes to getting a bit antsy or a bit desperate to make some quicker money.

HERE IS ANOTHER POST about crypto scams because I think it’s really important. There are some really basic red flags to look for if you’re looking at things outside of Dan Hollings The Plan.

Ultimately what it comes down to is, if you follow The Plan and you have support and help from other students doing it with you, people who have been doing it longer than you, that have experienced all sorts of different markets (like us!), then you will be fine and you’ll be able to find what feels right for you in every decision on your investment portfolio.

Even if your investment portfolio has gone down in value, if you truly believe and understand what is happening in the blockchain technology, in the crypto space itself, then this downturn is only going to be short-lived.

Sometimes you just need to be able to have those conversations to simply be reminded.

We’re changing it up this time with our Bot Buddies Community by also providing a Telegram channel so we can keep everybody up to date with coin pairs, market updates, with interesting facts. And more than anything, just having the invite to our weekly Zoom calls, that’s probably the main thing.

So much is being provided in our Bot Buddy Community! And Inside of The Plan, definitely, it’s all about getting through these lessons and keeping an eye on the Fly on the Wall sessions as well.

There’s one other cool thing that I’ll quickly run through inside Phase Four. One of the reasons it did take so long to come out is because of the way they’re actually delivering it. Each of the lessons is now split up with a video, step-by-step instructions, and all the parameters and rules that are being discussed, plus a transcript.

So even if you don’t want to speed up the videos of Dan Hollings, as I did, you can quickly run through the transcript, and more than anything, just come back and have a look at the step-by-step. Perfect if you need to be reminded of the settings or the parameters, or the suggested rules. Eventually what will happen is all of Phase One will get done like this as well.

So that’s the update on the Phase Four Grid Bot Mastery! It is more advanced so do not start looking at it until you’ve at least done Phase One of The Plan.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or just come along and join our actual Inside The Plan Bot Buddy’s wait list. If you miss the next opening, then we can certainly let you know when the doors will open again for the new intake of new students . Just click the green button below in the banner and add your email.

Now that we’ve got Phase Four under our belt, I will proudly say that investing in Dan Hollings The Plan is the best decision we’ve ever made. Hopefully it becomes the right one for you too.

You don’t even have to buy The Plan all at once! In THIS POST, we talk about doing the payment plan and saving your money to put bots on. It’s a really worthwhile post to read. 

Again, we are here if you have any questions! See you inside The Plan!

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