The Easy 2-Step Process to Quickly Fix Bitsgap Grey Lines

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Missing trading lines on your crypto bot (that show up as greyed-out lines inside Bitsgap) will cause to you miss trades and therefore profit. In this post, we show you how to easily spot the grey lines that can appear in Bitsgap, and how to fix them quickly & easily so you can get your bots fully back online.

The following is an edited version of The Plan FAQ video transcript…

Hello, it’s Jodie here! In this short post, I’m just wanting to walk you through what to do if you see these dreaded gray lines in your Bitsgap bot.

It’s actually happened to me on two of my crypto bots.


We’ve had a little bit of a blood bath in the last couple of days (at the time of this post), so I’ve got a lot of my bots out of range, four out of five in fact.

I’m about to start some new ones to take advantage of this downturn.

But right now I need to fix what is happening with one of my bots that I’ve been running for over three months and it’s been doing really well, but now all of my red and green lines have disappeared.

This would normally happen if you go out of range anyway, but there are all these gray lines. So what have I got to do?

I, first and foremost, went to the Bitsgap help desk, and they showed me that I need to click on the little graph icon, then scroll down and look at my order statuses and confirm there was actually a problem.

Here I can confirm that they’re not working.

What I can do is just click “Fix All” and it’s going to slowly go through and reactivate all those Bitsgap orders that are meant to be in place, which will make the lines go back to being their green and red lines.

It just takes a moment to do that.


What I read in the Bitsgap support, which you can access by just going to the bottom of your Bitsgap account and clicking on the little chat icon, is that there are a couple of reasons that the gray lines may appear…

1. Either there’s just a technical issue with the API in your exchange, or

2. Perhaps you’ve reached some sort of trading limit.

Once the bots have been re-engaged on Bitsgap, I can close that out, and scroll back up, I’ve got all my red lines back again.

Right now, there are no green lines because I’ve gone out of range, but after this massive dip corrects itself, then I’ll be back trading there.

The main thing is I don’t want to miss out by having gray lines in my Bitsgap gridlines.

I would’ve been missing out on trades if I hadn’t come in and fixed it those Bitsgap grey lines. 

I hope that helps. And if you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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It’s hilarious to be showing you all of these out-of-range crypto bots below, but with results of over 1% today on a couple of crypto bots and between 0.58 and 0.78 on the other crypto bots… everything running from the last three months, down to just the last 11 days.

I’m about to go and put on some new crypto bots in Bitsgap to take advantage of this dip and try and pick up a little bit of capital asset gain on the way back up, while also spitting out daily profits, because that’s what it’s all about.

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