How Much of Your Valuable Time Does Dan Hollings The Plan Take? And How to Cut 9 Hours Off the Learning Time

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In this post, we break down Dan Hollings The Plan Program, looking at how many hours are needed to go through the program lessons, and learn about the crypto bots. And the timeline to test things out with demo bots, and subsequently go live with your own money to earn real daily profits.

The following is an edited version of Dan Hollings The Plan FAQ video transcript…

Hello, and welcome to another frequently asked questions post about Dan Hollings The Plan.

A big question that gets asked often is how much time does it really take to go through Dan Hollings The Plan program and then put the bots on? 

Well probably a bigger question we get asked, is how long will it take to start making bot profits? 

We know everyone gets stressed about time so these are good questions… after all, it’s the most limited resource on the planet. But hopefully, this post will answer these questions, so you can see if the actual journey is worth your time investment.

The money investment is one thing. The time investment, we think, is what people value even more.


First, let’s see how long it takes to get through the course videos.

So, going through the actual course itself is totally self-study, meaning you can go at your own pace and you’ll get all the lessons available in The Plan member’s area when you join.

Once you have signed and returned the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), you’ll get access to The Plan members area.

So really it comes down to how you learn. Do you like to go through everything first and then go back over things? Or do you like to implement as you go?

To be honest, this is a course that is probably better if you implement it as you go.

It also depends on whether you have crypto exchanges already hooked up, and if you’ve got crypto. That will determine how much of the first session you need to go through and set up. 

There are a lot of people that come in with cryptocurrency already, so you can kind of skim through those lessons and save yourself time.

Another time saver we found was using the option to speed the videos up… if you’re not that into that slower Southern drawl of Dan Hollings! haha

We can certainly listen to him at 1.75x speed. You can play around with the video settings and see if you can get him at 1.2X or 1.5.X and that will definitely speed up the process.

So going at 1.75x, obviously, the time is almost half, and everything is time-stamped so you can go back to the places you need to go.

And in the future, there are going to be some additional transcripts and other easy step-by-step that’ll be added to Dan Hollings The Plan member’s area. That’s coming soon.

Dan Hollings The Plan course is six sessions.

Dan Hollings The Plan Session 1 –
This is the hardest slog. It’s almost like, you know, pushing the boulder up the hill. The hardest part is actually helping people get onboarded into crypto.

There are so many people taking Dan Hollings The Plan course that has never done anything in crypto before so a lot of time is spent in the tutorial sections on how to actually onboard into an exchange.

Now, if you are one of those people that have already got crypto and you’re just ready to rock and roll, you’ll definitely cut down a lot of that time. So it really depends on your situation. 

It depends on how much you put into the heavy lifting side of getting into crypto, which would happen whether you’re doing The Plan or not.

And we definitely have some great bonuses that help with that session as well.

Dan Hollings The Plan Session 2 –
This is about three hours.

Dan Hollings The Plan Session 3 & 4 – 
This looks at the numbers and the second bot type. The first session is Bitsgap and the bot type one, and coin pairs are about three and a half hours. So getting your profit and bot timings is about three hours.

Dan Hollings The Plan Session 5 – 
This is called “Bank like a savings vault” and is three hours. Additionally, the section on closing bots is about three hours.

Probably about 20 hours, but if you speed it up you’ll be down to about 11 hours, so you can literally punch it out over a weekend. Think of it like a Netflix binge session and get it all done! 

The next stage in Dan Hollings The Plan is putting Demo Bots on – 
This phase is after you’ve completed the course.  We’ve estimated one to two hours here and you may not implement this next stage for a few weeks or months, depending on how comfortable you feel using the knowledge you have learned in the course to put them on. But we have to say, it’s super fun to start playing with them, and looking at the results the demo bots create… and it’s not with your own money anyway so that’s a bonus! 

Whenever you’re ready to go live, then go live – This means you will be using your own money in the bots. But because you’ll have all this practice from doing your demos, it doesn’t take that long at all… you will already have everything set up in your crypto exchanges and be ready to rock and roll.

Woman Smiling While Using a Laptop


Monitoring your bots –

The ongoing time investment in monitoring your bots is entirely up to you. We will warn you though, it’s very addictive, especially when you first  start!

And if you want to see why running bots is so addictive… here is a short post about how we created $500 Profit in 5 Days

So you might be looking daily, to begin with. But over time this will probably taper off and maybe be more like 15 minutes a week.

Of course, there are some people who really want the “set and forget” aspect, and they literally don’t look at it for a month.

But most of us are super excited when we get started to see what the bots are doing and how much profit they are creating each day… and to be honest, you definitely want to keep an eye on things in the beginning anyway so you can fully understand how the bots work, and how profits are made. Basically, putting the theory into action and see how it works in real life. 

So initially, you may be looking at it daily.

There are a few reasons Dan Hollings gives throughout The Plan course on why you might want to look at your crypto bots daily or weekly, and especially your wallet status and value.

Our Live “Bot Buddy” Calls – 

This is entirely optional of course, but we do have two sessions a week so we can largely meet all time zones. But if you can’t come along live, you can always write a question to us in the Slack community and we’ll answer the question live, and you can catch up on the recording later. These sessions are generally about 45minutes – 1 hour, but you can come and go as you please. 

periodically the “Fly on the Wall” sessions from Dan and Tony –
are kind of like a podcast. They’re generally only about 20 minutes long, but we’ll remind you of when they are and which ones are worth watching. So, for these sessions, it’s somewhere between 15 – 20 minutes a week, but not every week. 

Dan Hollings The Plan Time Needed



1. With our Dan Hollings The Plan bonuses, you’ll be getting our personal help to set up your crypto exchanges for your bots, with questions answered in real time.

We’ve actually had cases where people have come along to the Live Bot Buddy Community calls and they use that time to get things set up. Then if they hit any snags, they’ve got us there ready to answer their questions. So that’s a good use of time there as well!

2. Then there’s our tech help. There whenever you need help with Bitsgap or the crypto exchanges, or tax and exchange information relevant to the country you come from on our dedicated Slack channels inside the Bot Buddies Community

3. And we’ve got the winning coin pairs. So when you’re ready to go live, we can help with choosing some great profiting wigglers! 

Also, you can see what coin pairs other Bot Buddies have been botting and their results, to help you choose  which ones you want to go live with yourself. 

With our Dan Hollings The Plan Bonuses, we have cliff notes of the entire program. This will speed up your learning and make it easier. We have our high level notes, checklists, and step by step instructions, all extracted from the course… plus, of course, the Bot Buddies Community on Slack and twice weekly live calls, where you can ask questions directly from us and other experienced Plan members.


VIDEOS – About 20 hours worth of video watching or about 11 hours if you speed it up.

SETTING UP YOUR CRYPTO EXCHANGES & BITSGAPCould be one to two hours depending on how you operate and how tech savvy you are setting up the bots. One to two hours only because it’s fun. Most of that time would be in research.

BOT SETUP TIME – Is literally minutes. But it’s all about doing the coin pair research and following all the parameters that Dan sets to find your good coin pairs.

GOING LIVE WITH YOUR BOTS – You’re probably going to check things out. Generally speaking, it could be done in about 10 minutes, but it depends on again, how much you’re checking you have everything in place and your parameters and settings are correct. 

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TIME ON THE BOT BUDDIES COMMIUNITY & LIVE CALLS – These are literally just there as you need them, you can tune in whenever you feel.

MONITORING YOUR BOTS – That’s up to you, whether it’s 15 minutes a week or whether it’s daily to start with and then tapering off towards the end.

So it’s not a huge amount of time that needs to be invested in Dan Hollings The Plan, especially after you learn everything, but it is absolutely worth it, especially going through Dan’s course.


person holding white mini bell alarmclock

But you’re lucky… We had the painful experience being in the first Beta group in Dan Hollings The Plan, so we had to wait weeks and weeks because Dan was drip feeding out the sessions live. There were no recordings.

So you definitely get it easier having all The Plan recordings available. Like we said, do it like a good Netflix binge session, get through it all.

And it’s worthwhile actually going back over as well, but, you know, use the Bot Buddies to be able to come in and get your questions answered, or get clarity on a few things that maybe don’t make full sense the first time you go through it.

Believe us, it’s worth the time and the money to get these skills, because once you have learned how to properly setup the bots and use the settings that maximise the bot profits (given to you in The Plan program), you will have the ability to make money (in the form of crypto) any time you like. These really are skills for life… and best thing of all, you have lifetime access to The Plan and any updates Dan Hollings makes as things progress in the crypto world… which inevitably they will! 

So if you have any other questions, please let us know. And don’t forget that follow the link down below if you’re ready to join Dan Hollings The Plan, and come along to a community that actually has your back and is doing exactly what you are doing… building longterm wealth and daily cashflow in a really fun way! 


Don’t forget, there are a lot of ways you can actually invest in Dan Hollings The Plan…

1. You can go directly with Dan and just get the bonuses everyone gets.

2. You can go with some massive, big, famous person that you follow who literally has no time to help you with anything once you join because they’re too busy running their own business.

3. Or you can come with us… the little guys, or girls, who just do crypto… nothing else, because we love it!

We love talking about it, getting involved in it, and helping other people get into the crypto space.

So you’ve got us, you’ve got our time and focus, and our Bot Buddy community with dozens and dozens of other Plan students with wealth of knowledge in The Plan but also crypto and trding in general.

You can read about the personalised support we offer Plan members who join through our affliate link by CLICKING HERE.

So follow the link down below to get started with us!

P.S: If you want to employ the strategy of the wealthy and not pay $3497 of your own money to invest in Dan Hollings The Plan then THIS POST is for you!


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