Successfully F.I.R.E. & Retire Faster (Maybe Even in 2-3 Years) with Crypto Cash Flow

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In this post, we tell the story of going from working hard for long hours each day, to semi-retiring and soon being F.I.R.E with daily crypto income. And we are just one of many using this same strategy to gain 30% monthly returns… 

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In this post, I want to run through a little bit of our personal story with the crypto fun we’ve been having over the last six months, thanks to the training course called The Plan.

You may have heard of it, but if you haven’t, Dan Hollings The Plan is a training course that empowers you to be in full control of your own crypto holdings.

The Plan provides you with a set of rules and parameters for automated crypto bots that generate cash flow and passive income from your chosen crypto assets as they wiggle up and down in value.

This is very much a set-and-forget strategy. So it’s perfect for F.I.R.E. people.  

Additionally, nobody is going to take your money and nobody is going to do the investing for you. You are completely in control of your investments at all times. 

The Plan is not binary trading, or day trading, and it’s certainly not part of any sort of crypto MLM.

Dan Hollings is the guy who created the course and what he shares is his highly tested set of rules that he spent three years and over $5 million perfecting so that you can set up your automated crypto bots and earn small profits minute by minute on autopilot.

It literally will only take you two minutes to set up the bot once you know what the rules are.


I want to tell you a little bit about our experience with The Plan and Dan Hollings.

We’re digital nomads, and we’ve been working online the whole time we’ve been traveling full-time around the world as house sitters.

We’d been seeking passive income for a long time… 10 years or so, so we could ultimately F.I.R.E.

We wanted more of the passive side of income generation, and it really wasn’t until we came across Dan Hollings and The Plan that we even decided we could semi-retire on the profits.

We’ve loved everything about blockchain technology and we’ve owned crypto for a little while now. Only a little bit, not a lot.

We were really fortunate to have been part of the beta program rollout of the group training back in June and July of 2021.

Before the beta program, it was difficult because we had huge FOMO (fear of missing out) when Dan Hollings decided to start teaching what he had been doing for the last three years and how he’d created it.

But, he only took on a small number of private clients who paid $10,000 for his time to sit down with him.

Dan Hollings taught about a dozen or so of these people. We didn’t get into that group and I was so jealous when I had a few friends that did.

Finally we got in, but then we were really worried we weren’t going to be able to follow the rules laid down by Dan Hollings in The Plan because we are kind of known as rule breakers! haha


Something I probably shouldn’t even be showing you is this pie graph above, but it’s no big deal.

This is just one thing we learn from Dan Hollings.

The Plan is not just about teaching the automated grid bots. Dan Hollings is wanting people to get involved in crypto as a whole, which right now, seems like a very smart move for those wanting to F.I.R.E. in a few years’ time.

One really good suggestion for risk management when you F.I.R.E. or setting yourself up to F.I.R.E. is to just look at your crypto holdings, or any of your investments for that matter, and compare it to this pie graph. 

If you’ve got real estate, if you’ve got shares, if you’ve got Forex, whatever it is that you’re investing in, and check that you have diversified enough, and have enough ‘cash’ holdings to be able to take advantage of the market when it is down.  

Within the crypto space, Dan Hollings highly recommends having around 20% in stablecoins… the cash equivalent of crypto. These are the coins that won’t fluctuate in price. They’re literally tethered against things like the US dollar, Great British Pounds, and Australian Dollars.

30% of your portfolio should be HODL’ed.

HODL’ing is a term that was created early in the crypto space. It means “Hold On for Dear Life”.

It literally was meant to be “hold”, but somebody had written it as HODL while drunk late one night, and everyone thought it was funny, so it stuck.

These are the coins you “hold on for dear life”, you don’t sell because you believe they will go up in value. You’re just going to earn some interest on them, and the interest rates are incredible. I talk all about that in THIS POST

50% of your holdings, you aim to put into these automated bots.

And while they’re super fun, and you might want to sit there and look at them a lot, you don’t need to. Once they’re set up you can literally just walk away and leave them alone.

So 50% of your entire crypto holdings can generate enough cash flow to either

a) live off, or

b) reinvest back in and keep growing your asset value.

The numbers we are going to talk about here are going to seem pretty crazy, but first.

Before we look at those though, I just need to give you the disclaimer, this is not financial advice. The information is based on our direct experience only, and of course, you must do your own due diligence. And past performance is not indicative of future results.


Here’s where it started for us. We got involved in The Plan training course, started implementing it, and set up some demo bots.

As I said, it can literally take two minutes to set them up. You just follow three or four different rules and bang! It’s done! The software is super easy to use. You don’t need to know charts, but if you’ve been investing for a while, maybe you’ve looked at charts before.

Basically, our demo bots were running for a couple of weeks, up to three weeks as you can see on the screenshot above.

As you can see, you are looking at anything between 0.8% a day up to 3.76% a day return. So, that’s a daily earning rate.

What Dan Hollings teaches in The Plan is to conservatively expect 0.5% a day.

If you can be bringing in 15% a month how does that change your F.I.R.E plans? There’s not even a bank on the planet that is doing anything like 15% a year, let alone 15% a month.

So you put your demo bots on to see what you might want to go live with, that is, what you would like to actually invest real money into. The arrow in the above image is pointing at the one that we chose for our very first live money bot.

Now, what happened with us back in July 2021, because we paid for the course and we didn’t have a lot of cash, we said “Well, can we just use the crypto that we already have?”

We decided to look at the pie graph that Dan lays out and said, well, let’s just sell off some of the crypto that we’ve got to move it into the coins we need for that particular automated bot. And just leave the rest sitting there and HODL’ing for now.

Unfortunately July was a really down market, so even though we already had four times our investment with our crypto, we were probably down to about half of that in July. But we were super keen to get started on this. And as it turns out, the bot profits have more than brought that back for us as well.

So remember where I said that we were worried about following the rules? Well, we struggled with following the rules. In fact, we even purposely broke the rules. And it’s great for us because we get to have the contrast now what it’s like to follow The Plan to the tee, versus trying to go out there and be a renegade and do it on our own.

As I said, July was a pretty tough month in the market. And we were lacking a bit of confidence. We were still new to it all. Basically, we did the one thing that Dan Hollings said you should never, ever do… and that is to close a bot when your numbers aren’t right. We were like, no, let’s just close it, and see what happens.

So at the end, looking at what our bot had already profited and sent out as our cash flow, less the value that the coins had dropped down to, we literally had only made $47 in the first three weeks, which was crazy.

But it was a great lesson because in August we decided to do everything to the tee, and take a little bit more of our crypto holdings, and put a little bit of cash in. You know, this was F.I.R.E. our risk management as well.

Crypto had been fun for us for a couple of years prior, and we didn’t feel like we were risking any money going into it. So in August we followed everything as we should have done. And the results were having two bots, which is the start of a portfolio.

And that’s one of the highest recommendations when you go live, try to have two bots. I mean, if you need to start with one, okay. Start with one. But two bots is much better.

So one of the reasons I closed these bots down rather than keep them going at the end of August is I just wanted to have something to look at the numbers with, plus we’re a little bit A.D.H.D. and we get bored easily with doing nothing, which is one of the biggest rules that Dan says, do nothing.

So in September, we had enough money to put on a third bot from the profits and adding in a little bit more. We started three bots in September. Again, I had the intention that by the end of the month, I would be closing these things down, just completely clearing everything, and seeing what our profit was. What can we reinvest? What can we take out?

But as it turns out that didn’t happen because a freak accident literally forced us to do nothing.

On September 13th, Nat was in a totally bizarre accident. She ended up breaking her leg and was totally unable to move around or do anything. I was caring for her. She had her surgery a week later. So basically the first two weeks I was doing everything and just had no time whatsoever to even open the computer and look at the bots, and just didn’t have the mindset for it.

The crazy part was that at the end of the month, after those two weeks, I actually hurt myself as well. I ended up with a herniated disc. So the prescription for both of us was to rest and recuperate and do nothing. The pain I was in with my back, I couldn’t even lay in bed to use the computer. So I had pretty much no computer time whatsoever. Nat was just trying to heal and work out how she was going to be able to move around on crutches for the next however many weeks.

By the time the end of November came around and we were both able to get back onto the computer and have a look at things, it was nearly three months since the start of the bots in September.

And those three little bots had just been chugging away in the background, earning 0.72% a day, 0.74% a day, and 1.25% a day.

It was just incredible.

So the three bots had started with an $8,700 investment. I couldn’t believe when I added this up, when I took this screenshot, it was $6,666 in profit. That’s basically a 76.6% return over the 12 weeks.

And you know, $78 a day, you can’t sneeze at that! Over time, it still came out at roughly 25% per month in earnings, but we didn’t do anything for 12 weeks. Didn’t even open the computer to have a look at them. And that I think was the weirdest part.

So we have had the two ends of the seesaw, the two ends of the perspective. One of being in there, looking at it every day and fiddling around with stuff, versus being forced to do nothing and just letting these things work as they should.

The best part is by the end of November, we’d already surpassed our end-of-year goals for setting ourselves up to F.I.R.E.

We started this training course back in June/July, and we’d set a goal for the end of the year to have a certain amount split amongst the pie graph that Dan suggests.

And using what he teaches, like looking at DEFI, interest-earning wallets, and staking. We own a couple of NFTs now, and of course, we’re running our automated traded bots.

We couldn’t be more excited about our impending F.I.R.E. lifestyle.  

As we make more profit, we put more bots on because it creates more cash flow. It’s incredible! And so fun! Even if you walk away from it, it’s almost more fun to come back and go, “oh look at what these things have actually done!”

But for us, we weren’t fully F.I.R.E.D. We had been on the road to being financially independent and retiring early. But we had a situation about 10 years ago that kind of held up that process.

This is the new financial system and we fully believe in it. The world is already going this way, whether people realize it or not. But I’m not here to say to people that you have to get into crypto.

Okay, yes I am. You’ve got to get into crypto! It’s the way of the future. Especially if you’ve got investments, at least make it a part of that to start with. You know, you’re going to do very well in the next couple of years and it all just leads to a very happy F.I.R.E. lifestyle in time. 

Our current financial reality is all from what we’ve learned in The Plan. It is such a unique way to capitalize on the volatility or the wiggle of the crypto market. Dan calls it “Wiggling Our Way to Wealth”, and really, it doesn’t matter if the market is up, down, or sidewards… we still make daily profits. 

These are tiny profits made every minute of every hour and they add up, and the more you do it and the more you’re in the crypto space, the more your confidence grows. And therefore you can make the decision to put more money in, which is what we did, which then, of course, increased our returns.

So the big question, of course, that everyone asks, especially if you’re used to the stock market is, what if the market crashes?

Well, the market crashed at the time of this recording literally a few days ago. And I started a bot. I started a new bot in the market crash, and it did better than anything we’d ever done before.

It earned $229 in one day and eight hours. That’s just one bot. One bot with just less than $3,000 invested.

That’s 7.68% in a day and a bit. Not even a day and a half, which is totally crazy!

We love this stuff so much that we’re doing this all the time now. We love talking about it. We’ve even created a community where anybody that joins Dan Hollings The Plan with us becomes our Bot Buddy.

We get together regularly on Zoom calls and inside our Slack Community, we share our winning coin pairs. That way, everybody benefits as you find something really cool that’s earning great money. Then we share it and let everyone know, and catch up on Zoom.


We call them our Bot Buddy Huddles, because it’s really cool to get together with people who are doing the same thing. And it’s just so much fun!

If you want to find out more about The Plan, or if you have heard about The Plan and you are wanting to come and learn with us, we’d love to have you!

You’ll have handholding, guidance, and the hive mind-sharing what you learn, what you discover, what you’re investing in and making money with. It’s an amazing, abundant space where everybody wins. Everybody can share what they’re researching and we all get the benefit of it.

When you click the green button on the banner below, there’ll be a waiting list or a webinar replay that’s available. We have a host of different bonuses that you can see here as well.

So, if you are interested in using crypto to F.I.R.E. or interested in earning some really, really good returns then get in contact with us. Nat and I are here.

There are a number of F.I.R.E. people, digital nomads, and house sitters that are all involved in this. That’s what makes it even better because we’ve all got the same mindset around the F.I.R.E. lifestyle. We’re having fun with this, this new economy, this new way of making money. It’s just so cool!

Again, just follow the link below and we look forward to chatting with you if you have any questions. 

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