What Are You Really Paying for with Dan Hollings The Plan Course? A Simple 7 Minute Breakdown

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In this post, we do a simple breakdown of what you get as part of the program when joining Dan Hollings The Plan.  We also look at what you DO and more importantly DON’T need to pay extra for, and the invaluable Bonuses you get when you join The Plan through us… including 100% hands-on support and twice-weekly Live calls. 

The following is an edited version of The Plan FAQ video transcript…

Hi. And welcome back to this frequently asked question (FAQ) series about Dan Hollings The Plan.

Today we’re going to have a look at what are you actually paying for when you join Dan Hollings in The Plan.

Let’s first break down the actual program cost of Dan Hollings The Plan…

It starts with the course cost itself, which is $3,497 USD. Now if you’re coming from Australia or Canada, we know that converting that into Aussie or Canadian dollars, the price does get up there. In Euro, it’s about on par with USD at the time of this post. 

But it’s worthy of comparison here. We’re fully aware of the different types of investment and particularly trading-type courses that are out there, that even 15 years ago were well over $6,000 just for a one-day workshop.

So the price point of Dan Hollings The Plan is up there, but at the same time, hopefully, this breakdown will give you a bit of an insight into what you’re actually getting for that one-time fee.

The way the cost is broken down is 40% goes to the affiliate referrer and 60% goes to Dan Hollings and his team at The Plan.

So straight out of the gate, we want to be completely transparent and let you know that we are an affiliate referrer, and will earn 40% commission if you join Dan Hollings The Plan through our affiliate link.

BUT that is awesome for YOU! Because it means we get paid by Dan Hollings and can therefore offer our Plan support at no cost to you. Win-Win! 

This brings up a very important point to consider when you are looking to invest in Dan Hollings The Plan…

Make sure when you’re joining Dan Hollings The Plan, that the person referring you is “earning” their 40% commission. Meaning, they are giving you their time when you need it! 

That’s probably the first thing to consider… are you somebody that’s looking to have a little bit of hand-holding, a little bit of extra support on top of what Dan’s team provides with 24/7 ticketed support through Rapid Crush, Inc? 

Dan’s team is also continually testing new things and providing updates. There are ongoing tech expenses and employee salaries. That’s where that 60% goes from your investment. 

And of course, even without this breakdown, we can 100% say after over 12 months in Dan Hollings The Plan, the price is well worth Dan’s intellectual property, because the skills you learn are for life.

It’s about being empowered to be in control of your own crypto holdings and investments, and getting a different insight into having that true investor mindset.

Let’s Have a Look at What is in Dan Hollings The Plan Program…

Dan Hollings The Plan program gives you instant access after you’ve signed your NDA, to all Phase 1 lesson tutorials, covering how to link up your exchanges to Bitsgap, which is the software that creates the automated grid bots, and how to add money and move crypto around.

There is an extensive Companion Guide with step by step instructions, and transcripts of the lessons are coming.

And the new addition of Phase 4 is truly incredible. It’s actually been a game-changer and superbly timed for those of us who’ve been around for a while.

It’s basically like getting a second course for free. There was talk at one stage that Phase 4 was going to be an extra paid program, but thankfully it’s not. It’s actually part of your initial investment, your one time fee of $3,497.

And of course, you get all future updates and any lessons Dan Hollings decides to record for tutorials.

It’s actually quite interesting listening to their podcast, where Dan Hollings and his trading partner, Tony just talk about what’s happening in the crypto space, and what they’re playing around with within Bitsgap. It’s like this really nice insider’s update on what’s happening with all things regarding Dan Hollings The Plan. 

So on the below screenshot, you can see the actual members area. It’s pretty comprehensive. And of course there is Phase 4 on top. 

There is also access to the Coin Pair Research (CPR) Service, which you get for free for a period of time, at the moment 3 months. It’s not something that we would suggest actually subscribing to and paying for after that, particularly if you do choose us to be your affiliate referrers and you come in and get our bonuses as well.

Our Bonuses For Dan Hollings The Plan

So let’s have a quick look at our bonuses for joining Dan Hollings The Plan through our affiliate link. 

First and foremost, you’re actually becoming a valued member of our Bot Buddy Community. That’s where you get daily support from all of your Bot Buddies from around the world, including us.

The second bonus is our Bot Buddy winning coin pairs, and that’s free forever. Even though you do get the first couple of months with the Coin Pair Research from Dan when you purchase The Plan, they are kind of conservative suggestions compared to what we’re actually sharing in our Bot Buddies Community.

And really, you don’t need to even subscribe to their Coin Pair Research after the free period, which in our opinion, is way too expensive anyway. You don’t need that at all, especially when you’ve got our bonuses of winning coin pairs. We are always sharing our high-performing coin pairs, and our Bot Buddies share their winning coin pairs on the different exchanges they use too. 

Our third bonus is the most unique one. We literally have gone and checked in with all the other affiliates we know, and nobody is providing Twice Weekly Live Calls. We call them our “Bot Buddy Huddles” and that’s where we actually get onto Zoom, and you can ask questions live and just catch up.

It’s really nice to hang out with people of like minds, the people that are actually doing The Plan with you, going through the same lessons and experiences. 

The support is absolutely huge.

We’ve got the Tech Help Desk for any issues with software and exchanges.

Country and region-specific information on taxes and exchanges because people are from all different parts of the world.
We’re only a small group, but it’s just really helpful to know what exchange works best in the area that you come from and the tax that you might need to look at as well. We actually had an update just the other day from one of the Canadian girls who’s provided so much great information from a tax standpoint. Super helpful.

Something else that is pretty unique is the Insider support. Jodie is personally connected with Rapid Crush, the Dan Hollings The Plan promoter, so rather than waiting for a support ticket to get back to you, or if you’re having any issues and perhaps they haven’t answered your ticket correctly, then she can certainly get in and get the right answers for you if we can’t actually answer them ourselves.

Jodie has direct access to Rapid Crush and many of Dan’s team who are from the original 18 that had paid him $10,000 to come through this program. A good few of them are friends of ours.

We also provide a 25% discount off the recommended tax software for Dan Hollings The Plan. It’s really important to be looking at your crypto tracking software that has unlimited transactions because there are going to be so many automated transactions through your bots. With the one recommended by Dan Hollings, we can get you a 25% discount without having to go through their recommended source, which is actually costing an extra $500. No need to pay that either.

One of our Bot Buddies has also put together some Cliff Notes to be able to get you onto Dan Hollings The Plan fast track. It is definitely worthwhile going through all of Dan’s videos, but we know some people like to be able to rush through and see what’s happening, get a big picture overview to start with, and then come back and have a look and listen. We all learn in different ways, so hopefully, this is something that will be helpful to you as well.

And of course, there’s the Essential Crypto Security Guide to keep you and your crypto assets safe and sound. 

What Additional Costs Does Dan Hollings The Plan Have?


Another cost that is essential to the success of Dan Hollings The Plan is the all-important software, Bitsgap. This software is not related to Dan Hollings The Plan, but the entire Plan is based on how to use this particular software, because Bitsgap is the software that runs the automated crypto bots.

Bitsgap is a third-party service and is external to the one-time $3,497 Plan Program fee. 

The minimum Bitsgap account required of Bitsgap is the five bot account, even if you’re only looking at starting with one or two bots. That’s because some of the features you need are only provided with the middle account of Bitsgap. At the time of writing, it is $69 a month, but you can save a little bit if you pay six months in advance.

With the bots themselves, all of the settings that Dan Hollings lays out in this program are based around having a minimum $3,000 ‘Standard’ bot, and $1500 for the new ‘Bottom Feeder’ Bots that take advantage of the massive volatility that a bear market brings. 

If you already have some crypto, then there are a couple of little tricks Dan shows about how to borrow against your crypto, which is particularly good when you’re wanting to put some extra bots on.

Even though there are some people who say with Bitsgap you don’t need to have a $3,000 bot on (and with Dan’s new Bottom Feeder Bot you only need $1500), and that’s true if you’re using different settings, but if you’re going to be using Dan’s standard bot settings, then you will need at least around $2,700. 

We personally have gone down a little bit more than that and played around with it, but the optimal settings that Dan Hollings provides you are based on a $3,000 bot.

You could always just run demo bots for as long as you like too while you get your first crypto bot money together.

You can really get your money’s worth from this course, even just by running demo bots so you’re fully prepared for going live, and really hit the ground running to get your return on investment ASAP.



So optional costs outside of what you get with this one-time fee for The Plan are the other phases of The Plan.

If you do watch the webinar overview, which talks about what The Plan is and how it came about, then he does talk about these other Phases. Dan Hollings vision for this has always been that The Plan would be a journey that will take you through all other areas of crypto.

Now, personally, we would not recommend Phase 2 or Phase 3 when it comes down to getting a return on your investment. Phase 1, with now the additional Phase 4, the more advanced lessons for Bitsgap, is really all that you require.

You’re actually getting enough education with the Phase 1 strategy, of which crypto bots should only be about half of your crypto holdings anyway.

But for Phase’s 2and 3, the return on investment from what you learn is just going to take a really long time. And there’s no actual real intellectual property from what we can see in either of those phases. So we’re not recommending those, plus with your Bot Buddies Community, you don’t really need to pay those extra expenses. 

So the CoinTracking software that you get your 25% discount on, you might not need straight away, but we do make a recommendation of considering putting $500 into getting that software when you first get started.

Even if you’ve been buying crypto for a few years, as we have, the software can go back and pull in all of those initial purchases from the crypto exchanges.

It’s really nice to not have to play around with a manual spreadsheet yourself, and just be able to take a quick snapshot of where you’re at, so when it comes time to do your taxes, you can literally just print off a report, and hand it over to your tax preparer.

The cool part is that at any point in time, if you are using this from the start, you know exactly where you’re going and to a degree, it shows better numbers than what Bitsgap does to be able to really get your position. Including, how much cash flow was created from the crypto bots, and the value of your entire portfolio. It’s definitely something we recommend and it’s something we wish we had done from the start if we’d known about it.

So the final question… is Dan Hollings The Plan worth $3,497?

Well, only you can decide, but for us, we do have to admit we didn’t pay that much for Dan Hollings The Plan program. We paid $1000 less because we came into the very first Beta program. Dan Hollings The Plan online course didn’t even exist when we started. Dan had to teach it live and we had to wait each week for the next installment. So we paid slightly less, but it was literally for us the best $2500 we’ve ever invested.

It took us about two and a half months, maybe just shy of three months to be able to get that initial cost back.

We also started with a little bit of crypto that we’d been holding for a couple of years. So our first investment in the bots came from that crypto. And putting fiat in after that, was only about half of the second bot because the first bot had actually made about $1,500.

So we only actually put in another $1,500 to get the second bot running. By the time our third bot came around, it was purely from the profits of the first two bots.

So whether you go slow as we did or whether you already have some money aside or you’ve already got some crypto, this can work for you.

We’ve got friends that started out with seven or eight bots straight out of the gate because they had money sitting in a bank account, earning like 0.1% a year in interest and they said, “I’m earning literally nothing in a bank… let’s put it into crypto bots and see if I can earn 30% in a month!”

The cool part is that even if the crypto value goes down as it has done in 2022, the value doesn’t matter because it’s a bit like holding stocks or property.

If you are a stockholder or property owner you generally are going to hold onto something, hoping that it goes up in value. And you certainly would never sell if the value went down. Well, we don’t really need to hope with crypto. We pretty much know that it’s going to go up over the longer term as more and more people, governments, and corporations get involved in this new technology.

But the particularly unique part about Dan Hollings The Plan is that it’s making your crypto work for you to create daily cash flow. Something other crypto investing strategies cannot do. 

What you do with that daily profit is entirely up to you.

And of course, we’re here to help you make some of those decisions by talking it out, and seeing what other people are doing. Basically being a Bot Buddy with us means you’re getting a whole different look at crypto on a whole.

And most importantly, we’ve got the time for you. We’re not doing anything else, not building any other businesses or talking about any other things here.

Crypto investing and supporting our Bot Buddies is all we do.

So if we feel like we’re the right people for you to undertake Dan Hollings The Plan program with, we would love you to come and join us as a Bot Buddy. All you need to do is click the button on the banner image down below.

Whether it’s this time that Dan Hollings The Plan‘s open, or if it’s later down the track, that’s totally fine. But either way, the button will take you to where you need to go.

And we look forward to getting you inside of our Slack community and seeing you on a live call once you are ready to start on Dan Hollings The Plan.


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