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When you join Dan Hollings The Plan as a Bot Buddy, you are never alone! You will be joining our Community of Plan students from around the world, all helping each other find great coin pairs, share their learnings, and take the journey together. And we even do twice weekly Live calls! Let’s explore the full benefits of joining Dan Hollings The Plan through us…

The following is an edited version of the video trasncript… 

What are the Essential Differences Between Doing Dan Hollings The Plan Alone, or Having Support?

Hello, and welcome to another frequently asked question (FAQ) post about Dan Hollings The Plan. And in this one, we will cover the difference between joining and doing Dan Hollings The Plan alone, or having support on your journey, something we call “Bot Buddies”.

Of course, you’ll get all the information you need from Dan Hollings The Plan Program that you need to be able to set up your crypto bots on your own. The program is comprehensive and actually quite easy to follow, taking you through the process of getting your fiat money into crypto, and setting up the bots, first in demo mode and then taking them live with your own crypto when you feel comfortable to do so. 

And Rapid Crush, the promoter, and support arm of Dan Hollings The Plan really does provide the best email support in the whole of the internet space. So you can ask your questions in written form with screenshots if needed, and generally, they’ll get back to you within a few hours, just depends on how busy things are. 

So yes, you can absolutely go it alone and be totally okay with Dan Hollings The Plan on your own. You can figure out how to hook up the exchanges, find winning coin pairs, or just use the Coin Pair Research (that is free with Dan Hollings The Plan Program for the first 3 months), learn how to put everything together into Bitsgap, and follow the settings that Dan gives you to put on your demo bots.

But to be honest, talking from our own personal experience, because we started this whole Plan journey with 9 other people, we have been a bit spoilt right from the beginning. It was absolutely amazing when we could just bounce ideas and questions off each other when the different things came up, like “Have I set this up right?” or “What winning coin pairs have you found in your research?” 

Or just being able to discuss a few ideas or the settings that Dan had given that maybe we didn’t fully understand, and the mind hive would get working and everyone would work it out together. Many of us found we actually understood the teachings more once we had the opportunity to discuss it as a group, since some people are more analytical than others, and some have higher risk tolerance so they would try things out more, and push the boundaries so to speak.  

And it’s really nice to also know that you can show your bots to someone that has undergone the same learnings as you and get feedback as well. Not everyone wants to do that, and that’s totally cool, but it’s all done safely and securely and it gives you good insight sometimes. 

For example, asking opinions about the coin pairs: When you’ve got more people doing it together you can actually share various methods of finding winning coin pairs that we have discovered along the journey that Dan Hollings in The Plan doesn’t necessarily teach. Techniques and tools to find those highly volatile coins that give the best profits. 

So having people there on the same page helps, whether you’re doing the coin pair research yourself, relying on the Coin Pair Research Service (CPR Service) from Dan Hollings in The Plan program, or just literally listening into your Bot Buddies and seeing who’s got what going on in their demo bots that’s doing really well. 

Sometimes too you might have a challenge with part of the process, like getting money into crypto, moving crypto around from one crypto exchange to another, or getting your exchange hooked up to Bitsgap ready for the bots. Even if you just don’t understand something or you just want somebody to talk to because of that whole like-mindedness, on the same path, learning it together approach. 

That’s why we fully believe from our own experience, and the experience and connection to over 100 other Plan students, the best choice is to do Dan Hollings The Plan with your “Bot Buddies”… And that’s where we come in!

If you have watched any of our other videos, you’ll know we do talk a lot about our Bot Buddies. 

So, if you actually join Dan Hollings The Plan through our affiliate link, you will get access to a world of extra hands-on support for your Plan journey.

What really makes us different is that we are semi-retired and we don’t do anything else other than helping other people on this journey into crypto. Particularly with the cash flow aspect of doing the crypto bots through Bitsgap using the settings given by Dan Hollings in The Plan.

The other interesting thing is, that we have been doing crypto bot trading for a while now, pretty much since the Plan first existed in June 2021. There were nine other people in our little Bot Buddy posse with us when we started, and we learned a lot in those early days. Back then, Dan Hollings The Plan was being taught live each week. And we would go away and implement what we learned. Now you get access to the whole pre-recorded program as soon as you join. 

Since that Beta 1 round we were on, dozens of other students have come through and joined our Bot Buddy community. And we’ve been lucky in some ways to have experienced many different markets now while trading, some way up bull markets and some very way down bear markets. All of it has caused us to look at our mindset and we have had many a real paradigm shift between us, so we become more investors without scarcity.

It’s so interesting how human beings are naturally built with a scarcity mindset. That is one part of Dan Hollings The Plan that doesn’t get talked about a lot, but when you have got your Bot Buddies, you can really look at that side of things as well. As some say in The Plan, it is about 10% techniques, settings, and strategy, and 90% mindset! 

And then there’s really understanding how to read your figures, so you know what is a realized loss, what is a realized profit. Then of course, how your going to spend that profit! Which, of course, leads us to have to celebrate our wins together! 

But seriously, having people around you is super, super important, particularly as you’re going through Dan Hollings The Plan program.

Dan Hollings The Plan Bot Buddy's Huddle

With Bot Buddies, you’ve got other people to share the experiences with… especially on our twice-weekly Live Zoom calls, where you’ll meet other students face to face that are brand new like you, and others that have gone a few steps ahead of you.  


6 Powerful Experiences You Will Have On Our Live Bot Buddy Sessions When You Join Dan Hollings The Plan With Us…

When you join Dan Hollings The Plan through our affiliate link, we get paid a commission by Dan Hollings. Which is awesome for you, as you don’t have to have any thing extra  to come and hang out with our community and get our personal attention.

AND we are literally the ONLY affiliate partners of the Plan that provide twice-weekly Live Zoom sessions that we call our “Bot Buddy Huddles”.

We run these twice-weekly calls so we can easily cover all time zones of the world and no one misses out. We actually pay one of our Bot Buddies to host the UK, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Australian time zone.

And then we show up once a week on America’s time zone because we’re in Mexico for a little while longer. But whichever session you are on, you can personally meet your other Bot Buddies.

What we have loved the most about our Bot Buddy sessions are, as we mentioned, that mind-hive aspect.

Here is what you will experience on our twice weekly live Zoom sessions…

1. So you can really take the course theory and put it into practice live on the call

2. Set up your bots, get live advice if you need it

3. Have questions answered

4. Get through the technical things if you need any help with those.

5. Find some high performing coin pairs that often earn over 1% a day in profits (Yes, that’s over 30% a month!) 

6. And of course, celebrate some great profits along the way! 

Really, it’s nothing but fun, so it’s really nice to have fun with other people.

Why Joining Dan Hollings The Plan Through Another Affiliate Might Be a Costly Mistake

The main difference between actually taking part in Dan Hollings The Plan under a big affiliate that you might be on the list of, and joining The Plan through us as a Bot Buddy, is that we’re a small group.

Plain and simple, we’ve got time for you.

It’s a hard task trying to find other affiliate promoters out there who are actually doing what we are doing with the live personal help and time to help hook up your exchanges and set up the bots. 

Sure there are a lot of affiliates out there, and a lot of them will say something like, “Oh, you know, “I’ll give you some email or phone support for 30 days.”

We give you support for as long as you need it! Whether that be 30 days or a year… not that you would probaby need ‘help’ that after a year of running crypto bots, but that’s where the community aspect comes in, and other Plan students just come into the Community Slack or onto the Zoom calls just to hang out with like minds, feel lifted in spirits, and see what everyone else is doing. 

And no other affiliate does any live calls…not monthly, and certainly not twice weekly!

Many affiliates of Dan Hollings The Plan are just that… affiliates. They have big email lists that they blast out new promotions to earn some cash, but mainly they run their own businesses. And even though they might be students of Dan Hollings The Plan themselves, they are so super busy doing other things they don’t have time for the people that bought The Plan through their affiliate link. Essentially they make their commissions from promoting Dan Hollings The Plan and they’re done. 

Whereas we just do this. Our own crypto investing and The Plan Bot Buddies support. We don’t do anything else other than this. So we pretty much can be available for you… within reason, of course, as we still have the lifestyle that we love, which is being digital nomads traveling the world as we please with no fixed abode. 

Again, if you join through our affiliate link you’ll get all the love and support that you want for your Plan journey.

All you need to do is go to insidetheplan.com.

Investing in Dan Hollings The Plan through that link ensures that you’ll get tracked through to us on the back end by Rapid Crush. Once you’ve signed your NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and sent it back to the support team, then we will bring you into our Slack community, get you hooked up with all of our valuable bonuses, and you will be able to join our weekly live calls on Zoom.  

As far as communicating with us, we are on Slack every day, ready to answer your and other people’s questions, and share our new discoveries and winning coin pairs. There you will also meet your fellow ‘Bot Buddies’ who also love sharing what they are up to. We are a friendly bunch that love working together to bring forth this new economy into our lives, as we build long-term, life-changing generational wealth, together. 

And for the Live calls, we make announcements in Slack, and we have got notifications through a Bpt Buddies Telegram channel that you can download, and have available all the time.

You can also download the Slack app so you can stay up to date as much as you like when you like. 

Slack notifications are either on your desktop or your phone, and we like to encourage people to really get involved in Slack, making that part of your daily routine to check in on Slack as well, particularly while you’re going through the course so we can provide you with all the goodies that we have, like cliff notes and a better understanding from our personal experience.

As things change and updates happen, and ‘Fly on the Wall’ sessions with dan Hollings come out, we keep everybody notified and informed.

Of course, none of the things we offer are compulsory. We are just there when you need us. 

So you can see all of the bonuses listed on the website, insidetheplan.com.

You now just need to make your choice of who you will purchase Dan Hollings The Plan through. If it is us, and we really hope it is, we’re waiting for you. We’re so looking forward to seeing you, once you make the deep dive into starting on the Plan journey.

If you have any questions at any stage, either leave a comment here or get in touch with us HERE and we’ll certainly help you out where we can. 

See you on the inside of Dan Hollings The Plan!

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