Dan Hollings The Plan: Our Crypto Strategy Taking Advantage of Massive Bitcoin Event in 2024

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We’re excited! We have come up with a strategy that uses the daily crypto bot profits from Dan Hollings The Plan to position ourselves perfectly for the significant event happening in 2024 for Bitcoin… a position that has a good chance of changing our generational wealth entirely. Wanna see it? 

The following is an edited version of the video transcript…


Jodie: Perfect timing to have Nat come back on the scene in the Roaming Income Girls. I thought we’d d do a quick update from Mazatlan, Mexico, which is where we currently are for at least another six weeks, depending on when you’re reading this.

So what’s been going on?

Well, we’ve been super focused on our Bot Buddies, our community of students that joined Dan Hollings The Plan via our affiliate link.

We’ve been helping them out with going through Dan Hollings The Plan and dealing with some pretty major black Swan events in the crypto market.

We’ve got our own attitude and kind of way of looking at things. In fact, Nat is jumping out of her skin about what’s happening in the market at the moment.

Nat: I’m so glad that the crypto market is diving diving diving! Keep going, keep going down! To me, this is the most amazing opportunity right now to be buying and stockpiling your coins, particularly Bitcoin and ETH, and then some of the altcoins we’ve bought massive amounts of. I am super excited!

Jodie: Well, actually, I do want to ask you, Nat, because I was talking the other day on one of our calls about the difference people use in their languaging. If you say “my portfolio has lost 50%” as opposed to “my portfolio is currently down 50%”.

There’s a big difference between saying lost or just it’s currently down. Just because the market has fallen and the value of our portfolio is down, does not mean it is lost. It will come back when the market rises. And that’s why I think you’re so excited about this.

Nat: Yeah. This is just a four-year low. We were due to have this anyway, regardless. And then the macro factors have come in of all the inflation rates and what’s happening in the stock market and the food shortages… There’s a whole bunch of things going on in the world right now.

But if you actually look in the four-year cycle, we actually were due to hit the low in December. So we’re just a little bit more advanced and it’s happened earlier, but we still a hundred percent believe in a market turnaround, so we are totally all in on crypto.

And I think that’s where the rubber hits the road right now, when it gets down to the lowest of lows, it’s like, do you believe in crypto? That’s the ultimate question.

And if you do, right now is such an amazing opportunity to ride the market back up. We’re super excited and we’ve got some really different visions now about 2024. And what’s going to be happening there with Bitcoin. So standby!

Jodie: It’s really interesting. The word of the week is perseverance. And I think this is one of those times. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only got $1000 in crypto land, or if you’ve got $10,000 or $100,000 invested, your portfolio, your coin value, would be down.

But this is where dollar cost averaging comes into play and it’s like going bargain shopping. So you can go bargain shopping while these prices are really low. It doesn’t matter whatever it is that you paid for in the past. This is an opportunity to average it out with everything being so low.

2024 is a key date. It’ll be probably Q2. That’s somewhere between April and June, that there’ll be the big event of the Bitcoin Halving where the price of BTC will tradionally shoot up.

bitcoin halfing

Jodie: We’re not going to talk too much about that now because otherwise, it’s like this whole other rabbit hole that you go down, but we’re working on actually having some education come out about the actual strategy we are going to be following right through these next 22 months or so.

We might even put a date on it and call it like, 2024 and give ourselves a goalpost to aim for. But we’ll be sharing that with you.

This is really just such an opportune time to be stockpiling your crypto and something I did actually hear the other day, which was interesting, is that anybody who owns roughly around $8,500 worth of Bitcoin is literally going to be in the top 1 – 2% of crypto millionaires in the next five to 10 years.

So even if $8500 seems like a stretch at the moment, the perfect time to start dollar-cost averaging, which means…

Nat: Which means, you’re going to be stockpiling Bitcoin.

Jodie: That if you buy a little bit each day the price of those purchases will even out over time. So with prices so low, buy as much as you can. Even if it’s 50 bucks here, 50 bucks there, 50 bucks a day, a hundred bucks a week, like whatever it is, just keep buying little bits. Then it’s like a little savings account. So maybe that first goal might be, to see if you can get to $8500 worth of Bitcoin.

Nat: Especially while it’s down. We’ve got an amazing opportunity maybe for the next six months, we don’t know yet. But it’s certainly looking like until the end of the year, so between now and then like, wow! Fantastic!


Jodie: Let’s address a couple of black swan events that did happen in the last month or so and how we dealt with them.

The first one, of course, was the annihilation of the Luna coin and the so-called stablecoin of UST. In our case, that’s the one that hit the most outside of a few other things we’re in. 

We were running a LUNA bot following the settings of Dan Hollings The Plan and a three and a half thousand dollar bot suddenly was worth like $300.

So we’ve still got that $300 in our Kucoin account and we’ve been able to make some good wiggle on that. The wiggle is the profits, and what we’ve really become aware of is when the black swan event of Luna happened, and then just more recently in this last week, the absolute crash of Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are great opportunities to earn money.

It’s only the people in Dan Hollings The Plan or those doing any kind of bot trading that are able to take advantage of the massive profits that are available in such a volatile market right now. 

Nat: Yeah, right now I feel like we’re in such an amazing position that maybe other people are not in.

If you’ve just HODL’ed, then all you’re doing is watching your value go down right now. You literally can’t do anything else… You can’t sell. You just have to hang on and wait till the price of the coins, the value, comes back up.

But we’ve actually been trading using Dan Hollings The Plan this whole time, and making profits through this entire down market.

In fact, we’ve been putting on as many bots as we possibly can because the wiggle is massive right now. There is so much uncertainty going on in the market and it’s creating massive amounts of volatility. And that’s exactly what the bots thrive on. So every time a coin moves up and down, then we’re getting a profit.

So the profits that we’re getting daily right now is probably about 3X what we would normally get.

 Jodie: Absolutely.

Nat: It’s killing it.

Jodie: We also have a new bot that’s been delivered by Dan Hollings The Plan as an opportunity to sort of turn losers into winners if you had some bots that you maybe left alone.

And of course, we’re in such a lucky position of being able to be connected through Dan Hollings publishing company, Rapid Crush. So if there’s another opportunity to get into Dan Hollings The Plan shortly, we will let you know. And we’ll talk about the reasons why, and we’ll go into more detail as to just how much money we’re making.

And as Nat said, we’re currently making 3 times the profit than normal in this volatile down market… In some cases it’s even been more than that. It’s just incredible.

We have a bit of a benchmark on what we look for given to us in Dan Hollings The Plan, so we have a certain amount of money to work for us, and some benchmark earnings.

Even just one bot that I quickly had a look at before, $162 overnight, just one bot! And it wasn’t even a $3,000 bot. It’s only about $1500 with these new settings that Dan Hollings has actually provided for us.

Nat: I think the crazy stuff like, Celsius, we’ve just heard the news that you can’t withdraw now. And so everybody’s like, oh no, what are we going to do about Celsius?

And instead of panicking like most people, we simply put a Celsius bot on so we actually could benefit from the volatility right now.

And I think that’s the key… the ‘bad’ news is actually creating so much volatility and so much fear and doubt and uncertainty right now. And it’s awesome for the bot profits! They thrive on these things. 

And that’s the benefit of having Bot Buddies, our Community of Dan Hollings The Plan students that joined the program via our affiliate link, because we’re sharing these terrific opportunities with each other. It’s like, have you tried this one? This one’s awesome right now. So yeah, it’s been really cool.

Jodie: It has! That’s where our focus has been. 

If you’re interested in joining Dan Hollings The Plan with us and becoming a Bot Buddy where you have 24/7 support on your crypto journey, then simply follow the link down below to come onto the wait list so that we can let you know when it opens up again.

And you can create some cash flow, no matter what the market is doing. We’ll also be sharing our strategy for heading into 2024 with anybody who’s on our subscriber list as well.

Thanks for reading!


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