Dan Hollings The Plan Recommends Holding Stablecoin & Earning An Incredible 10-20% APY

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In this post, you’ll see why Dan Hollings The Plan highly recommends holding stablecoin, and how to earn 10 to 20% per annum on it… which is about 10-20% more than what any bank will pay on your savings! Got to love crypto!! Let’s dive in… 

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This post is about one thing that Dan Hollings teaches in The Plan with regards to capital risk management. 

Of course, Dan Hollings The Plan is all about getting daily cash flow and passive income from running automated grid bots. 

But it is nice to see Dan Hollings also give a well-rounded, holistic approach to his teachings, and encourage students to also HODL some crypto… the thing nearly everybody does in the crypto space.

Dan Hollings The Plan specifically recommends having about 20% reserve in stablecoin.

At first, we didn’t really get the importance of holding such an amount in stablecoin. After all, you can’t get the benefit of any value rises on something that is pegged to $1. 

It was not until going through a bear market that we fully appreciated the benefits of holding stablecoin. 

The bear market represents the perfect opportunity to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Altcoins at bargain prices. 

Sure, you could swap out one coin to buy something else (they’re usually all down in value anyway in a bear market so it doesn’t really matter which coin you hold or swap), but we found that we really liked the coins we were holding (HODL’ing) and couldn’t decide which one to swap to buy more BTC and ETH. 

That’s where stable coin comes in. You don’t get attached to stablecoin because it’s always just $1, so it becomes easier to start using it to buy the low-valued coins you want when the market is right. 

And stable coin sort of acts as a savings account for bear market times. You can accumulate it when the market is going up, even sell off coins that are rising in value and providing pure profit and change them into stablecoin, to be ready for when the market drops again.

So, if you’re still a little bit fearful around crypto on a whole, then stablecoin is a terrific way to dip your toe in and get involved, as it is the equivalent of a pegged standard currency.


If you would like a full explanation of crypto exchanges and how they work, please CLICK HERE to read our blog post. 

A couple of the platforms I’m going to share with you will actually even pay you this sort of interest rate (10-20%) on your US dollar holdings, Canadian, Great British pounds, or Euro. So let’s dive into it!

We’ll just go and have a look at the web at the different things we’ve actually invested in to be able to earn these sorts of interest rates. 



The first thing I want to show you is Nexo. I’ve just opened up the US dollar aspect of this. So there’s the US dollar coin Tether, PAX dollar, and USDT… all of these are stablecoins.

If you wanted to go straight for the US dollar, you can actually be earning up to 12% on any of these stablecoins.

If you put that into context with what the banks are paying, I mean, I remember getting a message from somebody in Spain saying, oh, if you could even earn 1% a year, that would be amazing.

Most banks are actually paying less than that and they tend to charge you fees for even holding an account, which is just crazy!

Even if you’re not interested in Dan Hollings The Plan at the moment or doing anything big with crypto, you could literally just move your currency over into one of these crypto savings accounts and start earning anywhere between 6 – 10%

And you can even earn an extra couple of percentage bonus reward if you, what they call “earn in kind”, which is receiving your interest payment in the native token of the exchange.  

three round gold-colored coins on 100 US dollar banknotes

The Nexo exchange is super stable. It’s actually recommended by Dan Hollings The Plan.

But it does come with its own restrictions. There are certain countries that can’t earn interest, and there are certain countries that can’t even use the exchange. Then there are certain countries that can’t do the borrow against. So you have to do your homework based on where you are. 

But what I really wanted to highlight is this is one of many ways you could be earning on what’s equivalent to your local fiat currency (your normal money).

Here we’re just showing US dollars, Euro, Great British pounds. And then you can even look at moving your local currency, if it’s Australian dollars or Canadian dollars into one of the other stable coins, like USDT, USDC, PAX dollar, etc.

One of the other ways to see where interest is being paid in the crypto space, and whether it be on crypto itself or on stablecoins, is to go and have a look at any of the exchanges.

I’ve just logged into our OKX exchange and had a look at the different interest rates that are available.

Take these numbers on the image below with a little grain of salt, because there are special sorts of aspects to earning these kinds of crazy numbers, but you can scroll through and have a look at the stablecoin aspect.

Again, if you’re a little bit fearful of crypto and you just literally want to earn some good interest, then you can be getting 19.44% on UST, which is a stablecoin.

There are also exchanges like Binance, which is a truly global site. I can’t show you the Binance US account because Binance US is a little bit different from Binance Global, but again, UST is a stablecoin, and it’s paying 21% interest per year.

So even if you did nothing else in the crypto space, and you just came along to some of these exchanges and had a look at their “staking” and their “earning” rewards. It’s pretty much as safe as you can get. Even safer than many banks could be!


If you’re wanting to dive into a little bit more of a semi-riskier space, such as the DEFI world, then one thing we are doing, and again, this is not financial advice, you need to do your own due diligence and have a look at things, but we’re actually happy to be investing in midas.investments.

In Midas you will see 13% being paid on Bitcoin, and the stablecoin like USDT is paying 20% and USDC is paying 20%.

It’s really interesting. You can actually be earning some crazy interest by stepping outside of your comfort zone to a degree. So I think it’s a case of weighing up what is available in the banking world and seeing whether the crypto world could help you reach your financial goals faster. 


Even if you’re not ready to be earning daily cash flow that Dan Hollings The Plan teaches, let’s still look at our crypto bot portfolio at the moment for a comparison to the stable coin interest rates we have just looked at.

So this is a different strategy with Bitsgap. It’s earning anything from 1.5% a day down to 0.28% a day. So yes, you can be earning daily cash flow and passive income with Dan Hollings The Plan.

But if you’re not ready for Dan Hollings The Plan, most definitely look at getting into the crypto space, whether it be with safer stablecoin, or looking at investing in some of the projects you believe will go ahead in the future like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Just buy some and hold it, and definitely earn some interest on it.

I hope that’s been helpful to look at the different places where you can earn good interest outside of your bank.

Actually, one last place to consider, which is just super easy all around…

It’s actually a phone app, but the world’s fastest-growing crypto exchange is crypto.com. So you can stake or at least earn some interest on your money being held in crypto.com but they also have a visa debit card where you can get up to 8% cash back as well.  

One little trick about crypto.com is that for the first 30 days, you get totally free credit card transactions. So if you’re wanting to get into crypto quick and easy, then this is pretty much the quickest and easiest way to get in.

If you use our link to join crypto.com for free, you get a bonus and we get a bonus, it’s sort of like a win-win scenario. Then you can get started by just buying a little bit of crypto using a credit card with no fees.

Eventually, you want to be just doing direct deposit, so you don’t have credit card fees, but it gives you a way to get into the crypto space and buy some stablecoin just so that you can start earning some interest.

So I hope that’s been some helpful information. Again, just go and get started in crypto!

Our main mission for us here at The Roaming Income Girls is to help as many people as possible get started in crypto safely and securely, and earn some good money, actually making your money work for you for a change, which has not happened for pretty much our whole lifetime thanks to the tradional greedy ego-driven banking system! 

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or get in touch with us. And if you are ready to join us in Dan Hollings The Plan, just click the big green button below! We look forward to personally helping you on your Plan journey. 

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