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The long-awaited “Dan Hollings The Plan” Phase 4 is finally here… and it’s FREE for all current and future members of Dan Holllings The Plan. And we are excited because it is all about leveraged coins and advanced Bitsgap strategies to create even higher returns. Bring that on! 

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Hello, it’s Jodie here! In this post, I’m going to give you a real exclusive Inside Dan Hollings The Plan update. It’s about getting Phase 4 of Dan Hollings The Plan for FREE!

I don’t think I’ve seen anybody else talk about this yet. And certainly, in Dan Hollings The Plan webinar overview he doesn’t even spend that much time on it because they’re still working out the details, at least at the time of writing this.

If you have watched the webinar or if you do want a little bit of an update on The Plan, Dan Hollings has seen it in his mind-eye, as a journey. He’s calling it the phases of the journey.

So far we have been delivered Phase 1, which is available to everyone as soon as they join The Plan. That is called ‘Grid Bot Gold’.

So with Phase One, if you’re brand new to crypto, you learn how to get your local currency into the crypto space, into crypto exchanges that are all above board, that you have full control over, and you start using the automated crypto bots with Bitsgap to be able to earn cashflow.

That’s daily cash flow, something unlike anything else you might have seen in the crypto space.

Usually, it’s a case of… “Hey, just send us your money and we’ll lock it up for a couple of years. And you can watch a little back office dashboard that pays out some interest and, hopefully, one day you might be able to withdraw your crypto and the interest… if we don’t take it all ourselves in a scam“.

No, Dan Hollings The Planis about being fully in control of your own money, your own cryptocurrencies, your own choices, and following a proven path with settings that create asset growth AND cash flow.

So that’s Dan Hollings The Plan in a nutshell for Phase One.

But what I want to share with you is an exclusive that nobody else is really talking about…

The fact that Phase Four has decided to be given to everybody who joins Dan Hollings The Plan… For FREE!

This is super exciting!

When The Plan first started, we were told, “you are investing in Phase One. And then if you decide, there is no obligation whatsoever, you can do Phase Two, Phase Three, Phase Four, and perhaps more.” In other words, each phase would be another investment. 

Phase Four has been a much-awaited phase for us insiders. We were first found out that this was going to be delivered to everybody who’s inside of Dan Hollings The Plan. For those of us already in, we get it immediately.

As soon as the tutorials are created and delivered to the member’s area, we can start taking advantage of these advanced strategies, talking about things like leveraged coins, taking profits, and stop losses, and some really cool tricks that Dan Hollings and his trading partner, Tony have worked out over the years on how to create some additional fast cash which is particularly handy for anyone who might be thinking “I don’t want to put a lot of money in”, or “I’ve only got enough for maybe one or two bots.”

This phase will just help you get going a lot quicker.

Now, the deal is that if you join Dan Hollings The Plan, literally from the date of reading this post forward, you will have a period of time to go through the Phase One course, but you will have Phase 4 in your account as well.

We personally have been waiting for nine months for this Phase Four delivery because it has actually gone backward and forwards as to whether it was going to be a paid-for step in the journey or whether we would get it for free. The teams came together and said, “Everyone’s going to get it!”, which is just awesome!

It really makes the big ticket price of Phase One even more valuable. Now, basically, you’re getting two courses for the price of one.

So this is exciting news!

So, as a brand new member of Dan Hollings The Plan, you are not going to get this phase for probably a couple of months. There definitely needs to be a timeframe for you to be able to go through Phase 1 of the course, and set up your bots… and really, that can be done in about five hours.

You can go through the guts of the Phase 1 Grid Bot training and be able to get your demo bots on at least in about five or six hours, but then to go through the whole course, run your demo bots, start doing some live bots, and have the direct experience.

You’ll get to a stage where it’s like, yep, I want to know more. I want to do more.

Now, phase 4 is probably not for the people that are a hundred percent getting into Dan Hollings The Plan just with the idea that you want to set it up, forget it, walk away, not look it again for another six months or 12 months, and just see how your investments are going.

This is for the geeky people like us that are really into the crypto bots and just love playing around with them.

Just seeing that daily profit, that daily cash flow feeding out into your exchange, where you can make the decision… Do you want to take it back out to your normal currency, or do you want to invest more into crypto? No strings attached, you’re completely in control.

three round gold-colored coins on 100 US dollar banknotes


I’m not really going to talk here too much about Phase Two or Phase Three. Personally, just keep this to yourself, I’m not a big fan of Phase Two. I love the fact that Phase One and Phase Four are all about Dan’s intellectual property.

It’s about the amount of time and effort and money that has gone into actually creating something that you know is almost impossible to lose on, well at least it’s very difficult because with the crypto bots you always still hold onto your capital.

Even if that capital value goes up and down, that’s no different to somebody doing the traditional crypto purchasing of just buying crypto and holding it and hoping that it goes up in value, which is what a lot of people do with stocks as well.

Phase Two 
You do not need to purchase this phase
. Particularly if you become part of our Bot Buddies community (a support community exclusively for those that join Dan Hollings The Plan via our affiliate link) as we’ve already got a bunch of people in there that are involved in DEFI. We’ve been involved in DEFI since before Dan Hollings The Plan even existed. So we definitely know how to help you on the right path there.

Phase Three
This Phase is a little bit different. It’s entirely up to you. It depends on your strategy. Dan Hollings will talk about that later on down the track.

All you need to know right now is that Dan Hollings The Plan Phase One is what you’re getting into with ‘Grid Bot Gold’. Whether you choose to pay upfront for that or pay the payment plan… I’ve got another post that talks about why the payment plan might be a good idea for you, which you can READ HERE

You just need to know you’re going to get Phase 4 of the course a little bit further down the track. And once you get that, I look forward to talking to you about it inside of our Slack forum where we have all of our Bot Buddies. There we have our twice-weekly live Zoom sessions as well.

Note that Dan Hollings says that there might be more phases in the future. They don’t know. There probably will be, no doubt there will be something along the lines of NFTs and Dows, and all sorts of other things.

All of that is to talk about that later. The start of the crypto journey definitely starts with ‘Grid Bot Gold’, and you’re in the right place if you’re thinking about getting Dan Hollings The Plan or if you’re already in The Plan.

I hope you’re super excited about getting Phase Four to be able to do these more advanced strategies because they are definitely creating faster daily cash flow as well.

Keep in mind, as Dan Hollings is always very conservative, he’s going to give you all the rules on how to do these things safely and with a lot of risk management.

If you are ready to jump into The Plan and our exclusive Bot Buddies Community, just click the green button below.

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