Dan Hollings The Plan… Our Successful Results Starting with Minimal Capital

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We didn’t have massive capital available when we started Dan Hollings The Plan, but we made it work, and we have been successful at creating daily profits. In this post, we share how we got set up with The Plan with little cash, what our results are so far, and what we can expect in profits moving forward.

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Hello! It’s Jodie here and I’m going to quickly run through a little bit of a story about our crypto journey and why we joined Dan Hollings The Plan.

First, I do have to give this disclaimer: This is not financial advice by any means. You’re going to have to do your own due diligence, maybe consult somebody if you need to because the information may be not relevant in your country. And of course, the main thing is that past performance is never an indication of future results.

Now, let’s get into the post!

Nat and I actually started in early 2018 on our crypto journey. Of course, we had some mistakes and we had some wins during this time.

The first thing we ever did thankfully, was research some great information on what to set up to be secure, both for ourselves and our crypto. You can read about one aspect of what we did to be secure in THIS POST

Unfortunately this was after we invested in a system that promised us the world. Ultimately, we lost a few hundred dollars to it. It wasn’t a scam, it was more that they had a really great idea, but they didn’t get all their regulatory aspects ticked off. So we did lose some money with that, but thankfully instead of being really scared about crypto, we decided it is the way of the future.

We didn’t have much money in the beginning of our crypto journey, so we would literally just buy a little bit here or there in a total ad hoc way. It was like 20 bucks here, 50 bucks there every few months. By the time November 2020 came around though, our little crypto value was roughly $2500 dollars.

This is when a friend told us about interest-earning crypto wallets. We’re still a bit mad that she took so long to tell us about this because we could have been getting the amazing results she was getting that whole time!

So rather than just leaving our money sitting in exchanges, we actually moved pretty much all of it over to the Celsius wallet.

That was before the big boom at the start of 2021. At one stage, we did actually have our portfolio nearly four times that reaching almost $10,000, but then we had this massive dip again.

So, where things were at by the time Dan Hollings The Plan came around, we were really fortunate to be part of the first beta round which was released in June 2021. We paid the beta price for it of $2500 USD.

It is literally the best $2500 we’ve ever spent! We did have a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out) from some friends that had actually taken part in private coaching paying $10,000 to Dan Hollings, who created The Plan.

We didn’t have the money for that. I certainly didn’t want to cash in all of our crypto to be able to do that, but we had been seeking passive income for a very long time. I mean, being digital nomads house sitting our way around the world, freedom is a huge value.

Anything to do with having money work for us, instead of us always working for money, has always been the holy grail – something we’ve always been seeking.

And of course, having had that little bit of experience in crypto, we loved everything about blockchain technology and had been learning more and more and more.

The only thing that worried us about Dan Hollings The Plan was whether we could actually follow the rules because we are rebels! haha We definitely like to do things in our own way, but it comes back to bite us in the asses as we’ve discovered these last couple of months.


It is a training program that outlines a set of rules and parameters for you to follow in order to create cash flow from your crypto assets as they wiggle up and down in value.

You are never going to have to hand your money over to anybody. Nobody’s going to be doing the investing for you. Dan Hollings The Plan is an empowerment program.

You will learn how to be in control of your own crypto and your own investments. It is a strategy that enables you to take control of your crypto and put it to use in a slightly different way. It’s a very automated way and it’s likely something that you’ve never heard about before.

The guy behind The Plan is Dan Hollings. Dan has earned a bit of a name for himself. He was the marketing strategist behind the success of the book and the movie, “The Secret”, he has sold over $300 million worth of products on Amazon. And because of this success with Amazon, he’s actually developed software and taught to over 20,000 Amazon sellers.

He’s helped a lot of people get started in business – in digital business, online business, work from anywhere business. It was only earlier this year that he started coming back out of his shell because he’d literally spent the last three years working out how to crack the crypto code and help his friends do the same. It was his friends that actually decided to encourage him to put it together into a course. So we’ve been part of the beta program and it’s been amazing!

In Dan Hollings The Plan he shares his highly tested set of rules, which he spent three years and over $5 million perfecting, to set up automated grid bots that will produce results and cash flow on a daily basis. This is not binary trading. It is not day trading. And it is definitely not some sort of MLM (multi-level marketing).

You are completely in control of everything that you have within your own exchanges. The Plan is basically a way to capitalize on the volatility, or what we call the wiggle, of cryptocurrencies.

So instead of thinking, that volatility is bad, it’s seeing volatility as an advantage if you know what to do with it. Whether the market is up or it’s sidewards or it’s down, profits are still being made at this little tiny macro level using what you are taught in Dan Hollings the Plan.

So with 20 cents, 30 cents, 50 cents at a time, there can be hundreds, if not thousands of transactions in a short period of time to actually add up to being very decent profits.

With The Plan we employ crypto bots so these trades are happening automatically. You don’t have to sit and watch them.

In fact, Dan Hollings The Plan is for you to set and forget and do as little as possible and just trust that these parameters and sets of rules are going to work for you.

And they do.

We’re now a couple of months into it, and as much as I’ve tried to change and reinvent things, they do work as is.

So basically half of our portfolio, as per Dan Hollings The Plan recommendations, is to have them in trading bots.

This way, they not only have their asset growth, so whatever the coin is worth, it’s also wiggling, it’s always going up and down, and that creates profits with the bots.

So, you’ve got that value side of things, the value of the coins going up over time… AND it’s actually earning daily profits that you can take out if you choose to.

And you can even have your own strategy on how you take that out. Do you go and put some back into HODL’s? Do you go and buy some other coins? Or do you save it up to put on another bot? Or even just add money back into one of your current bots as well?

Basically, Bitsgap, the software we use, is an interface that runs with the exchanges. It tells the exchanges to make the trades. Really, getting new exchanges set up is what takes the most amount of time in Da Hollings The Plan. The rest is really quick. 

Once you actually start the training course, you start getting your demo bots on. This is what you really should be doing before even thinking about putting live money in, is putting demo bots on first, and letting them run for a decent amount of time – at least a couple of weeks, if not the full month.

That was probably one of the mistakes we made was getting too eager to put live money in. So basically the sooner you can get into Dan Hollings The Plan, the better. That way you can get through the training and give your demo bots the time they need.

By the second lesson, you’ll have your demo bots on and showing results.

You’ll be blown away with numbers. Below is our first lot of demo bots and they were crazy amounts. The bots were producing profits that were crazy.

Below you can see some of our average DAILY ROI’s… like 0.89%, 1.37%, 2.38%, 3.76%, and 2.33%. That’s DAILY!!! 


It all comes down to timing. I think the oldest bot there is almost three weeks. We jumped in quickly and our very first bot didn’t do as great as what the demos did, but we also didn’t wait for the timing lesson that was due to come out the week after we first went live. If you want to actually see a screenshot of our bots live, it is below.

I do need to point out here as well, that there’s some information I can’t share because all students of  Dan Hollings The Plan sign a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to protect the intellectual property of Dan Hollings. You know, he did invest a lot of time and a lot of money to put these parameters together.

He has got a software background and a mathematical background. So he really has put a lot of effort into this and it’s been proven time and time again how powerful it is, and just how many people are actually making amazing cash flow and growing their assets on a daily basis.

It’s interesting to note, that the Bitsgap software that we use to run these bots is not owned by Dan Hollings or The Plan. He was just a customer of the software and because he does have a programming background, he has been able to influence the software company with some features that he has requested to make life easier, not just for himself, but for everybody using it as well.

So here’s just an example of one bot, which is pretty much where most people start. You just want to start with your one bot, having roughly a $3,000 value put into the bot. It’s not set in stone, but it’s definitely the most optimized amount. And that’s what Dan Hollings The Plan recommends getting started with.

This particular bot above has been earning 0.73% average a day. Let’s see what that equates to in comparison to say other investments. If we multiply 0.73 by 30 days, you’re looking at roughly 21.9% a month in interest. That’s amazing.

There is probably nowhere on The Planet you could get that! So now if we actually see how much that is, on roughly a $3,000 investment, you’re looking at $657 for the month that $3,000 has earned you. Almost 22% return in a month!

Think of it like being in a deposit in a bank. It’s like a deposit that you’re going to get a set interest rate on. If this bot maintains it’s 0.73% daily, then you’re looking at that $3,000 pumping out $7,884 for the year, which is pretty cool. But is it going to happen?

Who knows? One thing that Dan Hollings does teach is the importance of having a portfolio. So here in this Bitsgap account there’s actually two bots running. So we’re starting to get a portfolio just by having more than one bot so that you can kind of average it out. 


In the screenshot above, this is actually my mom’s account. She’s just had an absolute winner with 2.59% daily on one of her bots and the other one at 0.43%. So to do an average to see what this would be earning over a 12 month period, let’s bust out the calculator again, but this time let’s make it an average.

So one’s doing 2.59% daily for almost three weeks. We add that with the 0.43% for almost three weeks, and now we’re going to divide by two because we’ve got two bots. So a portfolio average is 1.5% daily, times that by 30, and you’re looking at 45% for the month.That’s incredible! So $6,000 invested times by the 45% ROI and you’re looking at $2,700 a month from just $6,000.

Now let’s look at the next level of portfolio with four bots, and this is actually ours. Below you will see one of them is down at the moment but it’s still been spitting out a daily profit. So again, we’ll do the averaging…

We’re going to add up four bots and what have we got there? Two of them have been 20 days, so almost three weeks and the other two have been a little bit less, but let’s actually add them all up together.

So we’ve got one doing 0.89% a day, one doing 0.37%, one doing 1.11%, and the last one’s doing 2.32%. It’d be great if they all did that, but they don’t.

So 4.69% divided by the four bots is 1.17% daily. Times that by 30 days and we’ve got 35% for the month. Okay. Remember it’s for the month. So four bots at $3,000 starting capital, that’s $12,000 invested.

And we multiply that by the 35% for the month, we’ve got $4,200 for the month. Then we multiply that by the year and we’ve got…

$50,000 profit for the year, just off a $12,000 investment. Try getting thsat elsewhere, particularly your bank!

Of course, the value could go up, could go down, could go sideways, it doesn’t matter. These profits are being spat out regardless.

If that was the average, just by having that larger portfolio you can see that where some might be down at 0.37%, and some are way up there at over 1% and even 2% on an average, the average comes up. 

Last but not least, we’re going to have a look at a five-bot Bitsgap account.


This is a friend of ours and he’s actually on the middle Bitsgap plan. The Bitsgap plans are two bots, five bots, or 15 bots. So he’s on the middle plan with five bots.

So let’s do our portfolio average by adding up how each of his bots has been performing by saying 0.79% plus 1.08%, plus the 0.93%, plus the 0.75%, and his little slow burner there at 0.32%.

So we’ve got 3.87% – divided by five bots is 0.774% – multiplied by 30 days = 23.22%. So if there’s five bots that got started with $3,000, that’s $15,000 – times 23.22% = $3,483 a month.

Now let’s multiply that by 12 months and we’ve got $41,796 for having roughly $15,000 invested.


To have this make more sense I saw this really great presentation by my friend, Jason, who’s actually the guy who recommended Dan Hollings The Plan to me. It’s kind of like this trust chain of my friends and family that have joined The Plan because of me, and I joined because of him.

He gave a really great analogy of investing in real estate where you own the property and rent it out. The property market might go down, as it does, but you’re still earning your rent.

So to get a bit clearer picture of how all these things work, I’ll share Jason’s own words…

“Now here’s an example of a coin that I purchased, a cryptocurrency. I bought it up here, so I bought it high. And right now it’s low and I’m happy as a pig in mud because it dropped from the high point to the low point in less than two days, in less than 48 hours.”

“Wow, that’s really volatile, right?

But I made $200 in cash flow… Not on paper, in my pocket, in my own money, in less than two days as I watched this thing fall down. Because it didn’t just go down. It went up and down, up and down, up and down, on its way to down. And we take advantage of this with automation, with crypto bots right now.

To understand these crypto bots, let’s do a quick analogy here. The apartment rental analogy.

Let’s say you bought three apartment units and they were $3,000 apiece.

Then shortly after, you got them appraised and you found out you overpaid for them, that they all went down in value by 25%. The question here is this, how much money did you lose? It’s a good question. You bought this asset for $3,000. It dropped 25% of its value. How much did you lose? It’s a simple math equation. You take 0.25 x $3000. And then you add that up three times. And that would be $2,250.”

But you didn’t lose that money. You would lose that money ONLY if you sold the property. So its value is down, on paper you’ve lost $2,250, but you really haven’t.

But remember you bought these, not just to flip them, buy low and sell high, right?

You bought these because you were going to rent them out, and you found three tenants. Tenant 1 pays you $50 a day, Tenant 2 pays you $40 a day, and Tenant 3 pays you $60 a day.

Okay? So while the value on paper has dropped 25%, your cash flowing per unit is $50 a day on average. You feel me?

So there’s two ways we make money in the crypto world. One is the value of the coin if it goes up, but the other is we make cash flow on the coin as well.

So value is what’s on paper. It could go up, it could go down, it could go sideways, whatever.

Cash flow is what you put in your pocket. And wouldn’t it be nice regardless of how much it goes up or goes down within reason, every single day I put $50 in your pocket? Would you really care too much what price it is? Would you worry about selling it? If it just constantly spits out $50 bills at you?” 

 That’s what Dan Hollings The Plan does… it spits out profit to you all day every day.” 

So if you are ready to take part in Dan Hollings The Plan, click on the green button in the banner below.

By doing that, you are using our referral link which means that we are here to help you through the whole entire process.

Just for investing in The Plan through the link below you qualify for our bonuses for FREE, including our 24/7 support inside our twice-weekly live calls and a fantastic Slack community. It’s a group of Dan Hollings The Plan students who have become “Bot Buddies”. We share the winning coin pairs we find, the wins that we’re having, and really just help each other out with all elements of being in the crypto space.

When you click below, you’ll be able to see all of our bonuses and everything you get when you join Dan Hollings The Plan with us! We really look forward to helping you on your journey… see ya in the next post!

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