Dan Hollings The Plan – How Much Money Do You Need To Be Successful? Are There Other Expenses?

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Just how much capital/money do you need to be successful with Dan Hollings The Plan? Do you need more than the initial program investment, and if so, when do you need it? In this post, we get you all the answers! 

The following is an edited version of The Plan FAQ video transcript…

Hello! This is Jodie, one half of the Roaming Income Girls. This will be a  short  frequently asked question post about The Plan.  We’ll take a look at the big question many of you have: How much money do you need for Dan Hollings The Plan?

Let’s have a look at the breakdown of costs for The Plan.

The Plan costs $3,497 for Phase 1, which is called “Grid Bot Gold”. You can actually start with $997 on a payment plan, which is something that we’ve recommended previously as well. Grid Bot Gold is all about using the amazing software from Bitsgap which is what the bot automations run on. It’s where the bots are actually created to be able to create your cash flow. Now it’s $69 a month.

If you’re paying monthly for Bitsgap you do get a seven-day free trial, but you can actually hold a free account. You don’t need to put a credit card in or anything. You can hold a free account for as long as you like, literally forever, to be able to run your demo bots. So it’s only when you are ready to go live and put money into your exchanges that hook up with Bitsgap, that you actually start paying.

You have the choice of saving 17% by taking the six-month option or looking out for the deals they have every now and again. We actually got a six-month discount by doing a Black Friday deal. So it saved us around 30%.

This gives you five bots. Unfortunately on the original Bitsgap system, they did have a two bot option, but that is no longer valid for the settings we use in The Plan. So you will be looking at having five bots. So either $69 a month or $342 for a six-month option.

For the actual bots themselves, to go live with your crypto, whether it’s stablecoin or whether you’ve been dollar cost averaging, which we’ll talk about in a little bit, the settings that Dan Hollings has come up with to get the biggest bang for your buck and have the lowest risk is $3,000. Personally, I have done bots myself with a bit less than that, sometimes you’ll have say $2,800. I’ve even gone down to as low as $2,100. So for like a second or third bot, maybe you could look at those lower amounts.

Don’t take this as advice though, this post is not about financial advice. It’s just based off my own personal experiences. But in The Plan, Dan will say it over and over and over again, $3,000USD in a bot, in crypto value.

Of course, you can run your demo bots for as long as you like.

The way we started was with one bot, and then we made enough money on that to pay for half of the next bot.

So we only had to put in an extra $1,500. And then from there the bots started paying enough to be able to make the decisions each time… Is it $3,000 I need to put in, or am I just going to top up the profits that I’ve actually made? Again, you can just run the demo bots for as long as you like.

So additional costs that are completely optional are the other Phases of The Plan. Dan will talk about, if you’ve seen his webinar overvirew, that this is the first Phase and it’s literally all you need. But for those who are keen on getting into other areas of crypto, because crypto and the blockchain technology are just so vast, he does teach other things.

Personally, we would not recommend Phase two or three. You don’t need it if you’re setting up these bots to be set and forget and following the investment strategy of about 30% of your portfolio being HODL’ed, and another 20% in stablecoin, then Phase One is all you really need.

If you do want to get into things like DEFI or rebalancing, we can certainly talk about it in our Bot Buddies community. There is absolutely no need for you to go and spend more money on education, particularly when these particular strategies are going to take a hell of a lot longer to get you a return on investment.

Phase One actually delivers Phase Four for free as well too. So in effect, you’re actually getting two courses for the price of one, which is really amazing! We never knew that upfront. But now you get the benefit of that.

There is also the CoinTracking software that you’ll need, not just for your taxes but to actually keep a true track of everything, for all the spreadsheet geeks out there. Yes, you can do it all manually, but having a coin tracking software, it’s absolutely game changing to be able to see where your entire portfolio is.

Then when it does come time for doing taxes, you can easily print off some simple reports to be able to give to your tax preparer and know exactly where you’re at across the board. We can get you a 25% discount, which brings it down to $495. Again, it’s totally optional, but this one is something that we do highly recommend, particularly if you’re starting from scratch with crypto, it’s nice to know where you’re at from the beginning.

So the maximum, if you were going to go all in and pay for the full course for $3,497, and get your six months worth of Bitsgap software after your demo period… you might not want to do this for the first three or four weeks though, so it’s a little bit down the track, having at least your first $3,000 available for your first bot.

And definitely getting the CoinTracking software, so the moment you make that first purchase of cryptocurrency, onboarding your fiat, then you know exactly where you’re at. You’ve got a tracking system that’s following it through. And CoinTracking is the software that actually is recommended. It’s pretty much the only one that works with The Plan anyway.

So that’ll be an “all in” of $7,334, plus of course, however many bots you want to actually have set up. If you want to start slow with one or two bots, and then look at letting some of your profits decide in another couple of months time, how much you put into additional bots, that is entirely up to you.

Whereas the other side is the minimum of $997 to start The Plan. That’s starting on the payment plan. Again, we actually recommend the payment plan option. So we are big believers in making money work for you.

If you’ve got the equivalent of The Plan course cost, then you could just put  $1000 into it now and start having that other $2500 working for you and actually be earning you profits, which can go towards the next payments of the payment plan.

Even though it works out to $500 extra than buying it up front, I believe that’s a good $500 investment because you can put it into your money, making it work for you.

And you just never know, you might actually be earning a hell of a lot more profit than that actual upfront cost. So again, make your money work for you is our suggestion.

The Bitsgap software… again, you can start with a free account. In fact, we make a suggestion that people can get two accounts.

One of them would be using your Protonmail email address, which you definitely should have. I would probably even recommend having that before joining The Plan simply because then you can have one dedicated email address that is completely all about your crypto, including getting your updates about The Plan.

So to start with the demo bots, you can generally have five demo bots running for 30 days, but why not have a second account? You don’t have to pay for it.

You only put your Protonmail account as your paid subscription, but keep another account with a throwaway email address, just so that you can do more demo bots.

Then to really get started with this, put your $1000 into The Plan, but put a $1000 into dollar cost averaging (DCA). If you need to start slow and start building up your crypto, then put a $1000 aside to start DCA as soon as possible with little amounts often so that they average out, and you get kind of the best price possible for being able to get into the crypto space.

So that would be a total of $1997. if you believe that $3,497 is a lot of money and believe me, I did as well, if you compare that to even 15 years ago, when I knew numerous people were going along to learn options training in a one day course, and they were dishing out $5000 and $6,000, just for a workshop to learn options training.

I look at this investment as you’re investing in skills for life. These are skills that can keep paying you.

I haven’t met too many people as of yet that haven’t been able to get a full return on their investment of The Plan course cost. Most people go and buy a course and it will take them forever if they even ever get anything back on the cost of their course.

This is literally the first time I’ve seen anybody be able to pay for a course and get a full 100% return back on what they’ve invested, knowing that for the rest of their life, they can keep profiting from this amazing Grid Bot Gold Phase 1 of The Plan which is all about creating daily cash flow.

On top of the really solid diversified investment strategy, where only half of your portfolio eventually will just be in the bot creating cash flow. The other half will be earning interest and making the most out of what’s called HODL’ing, which of course is waiting for the crypto market to go up, as it is intended to do.

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I really hope you found this to be helpful in answering your questions. If you have any other questions, please do so in comment below.

If you want more of our The Plan Frequently Asked Questions series, head over to our youtube channel and subscribe.

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As far as we’re aware, we’re the only support community that actually provide twice weekly live calls, on top of having the Slack support community as well. So we’ve got lots to offer and we look forward to helping you on your journey of The Plan if you want to be one of our Bot Buddies!

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