Dan Hollings The Plan – Don’t Pay $3497… Use the Strategy of the Wealthy Instead!

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The wealthy always use other people’s money instead of their own, so we want to show you, in this post how to start with Dan Hollings The Plan on the $997 payment plan & use the savings to make money work for you to pay for the rest of the program over time. Time to have a ‘wealth mindset’!

The following is an edited version of the video transcript…

Hello, it’s Jodie here! In this post, we’re going to  dive into the idea of taking a $1,000 journey inside The Plan as opposed to paying for the $3,497 course upfront, because we really feel like it’s time to think like the wealthy and actually have your money working for you.

Of course, most people choose the option of saving $500 by just grabbing the program at $3497. Yes, it is absolutely worth it.

I know it’s a high price tag, but it is absolutely worth it because of the return on the investment for being empowered to be fully in control of your own crypto investments, holdings, and more importantly, cashflow. There’s really not a lot of things out there that create cashflow, and what you actually learn from Dan Hollings and this unique strategy that he has developed over three years, is like nothing else.

I’ve definitely been looking at all sorts of things in the crypto space, and what has come to my awareness is the importance of thinking like the wealthy. You probably have heard that wealthy people very rarely use their own money. They will leverage, borrow, and kind of do anything that just makes the maths work to make sure they keep growing their wealth and holdings.

That’s why I’ve really looked at this four installments plan of $997 and yes, it will work out to be $500 extra, but over a four month period, you’ve got your money working for you.

So not only is the money working for you in order to pay off the course installments, you’re actually having your capital staying intact so you can definitely be on the right path to creating any amounts of wealth you wish, if you choose to follow this strategy.

 Now, of course, this is not financial advice. The information is directly from our experience. It’s from the things we’ve been playing around with. I want you to do your own due diligence. And of course, if you prefer to just pay up front and start your bots, if you’ve got enough capital that you’re willing to use in crypto, then just go and do that.

But just stick with this for a bit as talk through this concept so you can feel into whether it’s right for you or not. And of course past performance is not indicative of future results.

In our experience, we were really fortunate to be part of the very first Beta group where Dan Hollings had never taught his whole entire Plan to a group of people before. We actually missed out on the $10,000 private coaching where only 18 people got to have Dan literally hold their hand and walk through setting up their bots and getting into crypto.

In some cases, like us, some of the people in that first group were already in crypto. We paid $2500 for the Beta course, and because it hadn’t been created yet, we saved a $1000. We were just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. But the thing is we already owned some crypto, so we were really only out of pocket the course cost. We didn’t need to go and invest in crypto to go live with the bots at the same time.

We followed the strategy that Dan talks about and only put half of our crypto holdings in. He does say, that out of your entire portfolio, look at having half of it be in your bots for cashflow. Then have your HODL’ing strategy, which is pretty much what everybody who invests in crypto does… They “Hold On for Dear Life” and hope the value over time will increase exponentially.

Dan suggests about 30% HODL’ing and 20% in stablecoin. We didn’t even think there was any point to having stablecoin so we didn’t have any at that point in time, but that’s changed over the period since the markets dropped.

We just looked at our crypto holdings and said, okay, let’s just put half of it into a bot, meaning we started with just one bot… But have a look at the market at that time I’ve just highlighted here. This is where we started.

We were doing the course at the end of June, and we literally put our first bot on, which was really bad timing, on the 4th of July. Whatever you do, don’t go live on Independence Day. But what had happened was July sort of flowed along, and then it had this massive crash right before it started going up.

Funnily enough, at the time of this post, we are kind of in the same boat. So I’m writing this at the end of March 2022, and we are looking at a graph that is looking very similar to taking the same path.

We’ve had quite a long period of being in a down market. It’s pretty much been since the start of December. And now that we’re three and a half months into it, it’s definitely looking like it’s a great time to get involved because of what I’m about to share with you as well.

So being that July had a massive dip, right at the end of July… And considering that we’re natural rule breakers, we had to break the rules in order to learn from that…

Because July was such a tough month in the market and because we were so new to this type of trading, we were lacking confidence. And we literally didn’t do what we were told to do. Instead we did what we were told not to do. And the result was the profit we earned in that first bot actually had to cover the loss in the value of the coin because we chose to sell it.

Remember, there’s never a loss unless you choose to sell. And right at the bottom of this dip here, where that little circle is, is where we chose to sell because we wanted to get into something else.

We just  weighed it up. I mean, it’s not rocket science or anything. It’s like, well, the bot made this much profit, but it’s lost this much in value. And I think we still had a positive $50 or so out of that experience. But we wanted to have a good clean month in order to be able to report on it. So we added $2,700 to start the second bot.

Then we had enough capital in for the first bot, and with our added $2,700, also enough to start the second bot. So each bot was just shy of the recommended $3,000 to start with.

But on the 31st of August, we closed it down so that we could actually record the results, and also because we were bored and we didn’t have enough money to put more bots on at the time. And we were like, we just want to be excited and look at something else!

So here’s the results. Our August bot investment again was just shy of $6,000. And the bot profit was $1,321. Now the P&L was literally the value of both the Bitcoin and Boson, which must have been down a little bit at the time of taking this screenshot.

As you can see here, this is what happened in one month. Now, the point of showing you this is that with two bots on, there was $475 bot profit on one, and $846 bot profit on the other.

Now that we’ve gone through this path, and we know what it is to look for, imagine if you were literally putting on your first one, or preferably two bots, because you are not using the capital for the course upfront, and instead having your money work for you.

So for us, we looked at the investment as being that our Beta course cost was $2500. So we were just looking for an ROI on that. We already had some crypto and at the end of July, when we closed the bot down, and then at the end of August, when we closed that bot down, we still had the capital.

We still had crypto, and we had the crypto sitting there ready to work for us. So we wanted to kind of flip the numbers a bit and say, well, we paid $2500, and then we earned just shy of $1,300. That’s a 52% return on investment after two months. And as I said, we still had the capital sitting there intact, ready for new bots.

So, things are different now, the course is all fully polished up and anytime The Plan opens and new students are brought in on board, they can just start the self-study course.

Now, preferably you buy The Plan or join The Plan through somebody like us, or whomever it is you resonate with, to be there to handhold you, and even though you’ve got really great support through The Plan itself, nothing beats having somebody to talk to.

We are absolutely there for you with our Bot Buddies community and all of our bonuses. So make sure you check out all of our “Inside The Plan” bonuses and just know that we are here for you, and because we’ve walked the path before you, we know some shortcuts along the way.

So instead of looking at paying $3497 for the course, just think along this mindset…just put $1000 in and use the other $2500 to start your first bot.

You can actually put on a $2500 bot… just so you know, it is recommended that it’s $3000, but probably just a bit shy of that anyway, because of how Bitsgap works.


So this is our suggestion. Make the money work for you. You can access the entire course for $997. Then use the $2500 you’ve saved on the course costs by putting it into either your first bot or your second bot. 

 Hopefully you’re not even looking at The Plan unless you’ve got the funds to be able to put on at least one bot or you’ve got the funds you are willing to invest in crypto. I mean, everybody’s at a different level of investment, risk management, etc. but also just know, The Plan is very conservative in focus. What you’re learning here is very conservative, so the chance of losing your capital is next to none.

The only way you’ll not get a return on your investment is if you don’t take the course. You just invest the money, and then you just don’t take the course. But the whole point of this post is to suggest you can have your money working for you from the word go.

As I recommend, two bots would be better. If you think about having a $1000 for the course, $3,000 for your first bot, and $3,000 for your second bot or thereabouts, like even if it was somewhere between $6000 or $7,000 to get started… Do not put stress or pressure on yourself. If that is too hard, then you can most certainly start with $3000 or $4,000. So the cost of the course, $1000, and your first bot between $2500 and $3,000.

So you at least need to have that as an initial investment. If you don’t have it at this point in time, then please look at what it is you need to do. You don’t want to be putting rent money into this. This is an Investment strategy that has cashflow attached to it, but the cashflow side of things is only going to come when you have enough bots running.

So let me just show you some examples here. So you can see here 25 days, 27 days… I’ve put on two bots and it’s been a very bearish market, which means it’s been a down market since December. 

I’m writing this at the end of March, but I’ve still been able to make $561 on one bot, and $192 on the other. So let’s just go into our account and I’ll actually show you these two bots that are still just less than a month old.

So you see for yourself that in order to pay that second payment you could virtually have bots earning enough to make the second payment for you. Let alone what you can exponentially grow for the third month and fourth month.

So this is my live account. I’ve just taken a small screenshot of it, but this is a live shot. 

So taking a look at the two bots that I used in the example, it says here $562 and $193 over 27 days and 26 days. This screenshot was taken today. It is real, and I’ve got these couple of little ones that I started just three days ago. They’re just wiggling along slowly at the moment, but I’ve been pulling together my funds and getting ready to start a new bot because this is actually a fantastic time to be looking at putting bots on, purely because of what happens.

Wiggling is just what happens with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It just keeps wiggling. So it’s pretty safe to assume that we’re going to be going up in value again soon.

While these bot do work in sidewards markets, they definitely create cashflow, you may lose value of the capital sometimes if it’s in a down market… BUT you are ALWAYS creating cashflow, which is the most important thing.

Why it’s so important to look at and consider getting involved in The Plan now is because we are literally sitting here in this April period, ready to take another rise up, but of course, past performance is never indicative of future results.

All we can do is say, the indications are saying that’s what’s going to happen. But either way, getting involved in the course is about learning, and it is about learning these amazing strategies that Dan Hollings teaches.

If the $3497 ticket price  looks a little bit scary and it’s like, I am not going to pay $3500 for a course just to learn, especially when you don’t know what’s happening with the market, then definitely consider the four installments of $997.

Remember: think like the wealthy… Put the $1000 in to your education. You’re investing in yourself when you do this.

The other side of this investment is that you get us. Your investment is not just into Dan Holling’s intellectual property of three years, and $5 million worth of testing to get the best possible parameters and strategies and set of rules for you to follow…

You get us here, holding your hand, showing up on weekly live calls as well. We are just an email or phone call away from you. So consider it “funded mentoring”, you’re not paying for our time. Dan Hollings is in fact paying for our time.

If you’re ready to become one of our Bot Buddies, just follow the link down below. It’ll take you through to have a look at all of our bonuses for joining The Plan through us.

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