Dan Hollings The Plan – How to Get $0 FREE Trades With Binance

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Everyone in Dan Hollings The Plan loves free trades… and why not! It gives you more profit in your pocket! In this post, we show you how to you can be earning free trades on crypto trading bots using the Binance exchange. Nice! 

The following is an edited version of the video transcript…


In this post Jodie shows you how you can be earning free trades on your crypto bots using the Binance exchange.

Let’s illustrate this by looking at changing a crypto bot we have running, from MATIC/USDT and turning it into a MATIC/BUSD bot.

And really why it makes no difference to profits or losses, if you just literally regrid it, and just change the right-hand side coin of the coin pair over from USDT to BUSD, to take advantage of the free Binance trades. 

Let’s start by clicking on the admin area next to the MATIC/USDT, just to see what each trade is costing now. And it’s not really about what the transaction fee is because all your profit figures are always showing a net profit, but just as a comparison, every single trade that’s happening with this coin pair as it is, MATIC/USDT, is costing us 4 cents.

Because USDT is a stablecoin, we may as well say it’s US $0.04 Cents.

Now if we go over to the BUSD coin pair with ATOM and BUSD. Going into the admin area we see that this bot has zero transaction fees. 

When Binance created their own stablecoin, they put out an offer saying, “Hey, if you trade with our stablecoin, we’re not going to charge you a fee.”

That was supposed to end at the end of 2021. And yet it still continues. So whenever the opportunity is there to not pay the fee, then it just puts a little bit of extra money into the profit.

Again, your profits inside the Bitsgap bot trading software are always showing as a net figure, but why not take that 4 cents per trade, which, over a day, week, and month period, is sure to add up to be a lot more profit in your pocket, which is always better than an exchanges pocket! 

So if you are not on Binance yet, you can sign up HERE.

And if you have not joined Dan Hollings The Plan yet, then you are missing out on awesome tips like these that we share on a daily basis with our Bot Buddies. Tips that make more profit and save you a bunch along the way, not just inside Dan Hollings The Plan, but in crypto in general.

If you’re not sure if Dan Hollings The Plan is for you, please message us and we will be more than happy to jump on a call personally with you and give you an honest opinion on whether it is right for you.  You can message us HERE.


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