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There are many affiliates promoting Dan Hollings The Plan but beware… not all are created equal so it’s imperative you check out what they are offering to support you on your Plan journey. In this post we walk you through the exclusive bonuses we offer when you join Dan Hollings The Plan with us, including our full-support hand-holding Slack community and twice-weekly live Zoom sessions. In fact, we are the ONLY affiliates offering such personalized support. 

The following is an edited version of the video transcript…


Hello, this is another “Inside The Plan” post. 

This time we’re wanting to talk about Dan Hollings The Plan Bonuses.

Specifically, I want to address something you may not be aware of… that the different affiliates offering Dan Hollings The Plan, who perhaps are making recommendations to their absolutely massive audiences, but perhaps don’t even really know how to provide one-on-one support or help to you. 

And you might be one that is ready to take that plunge into Dan Hollings The Plan through one of these influencers you follow, who will not give you any support on your Plan journey. 


Nat and I created our “Bot Buddy” community specifically to help students of Dan Hollings The Plan, who join through our affiliate link.

Right now we are the only ones providing 24/7 community and twice wekly live calls to help you understand fully what is going on, how to implement the information you are taught in Dan Hollings The Plan, and set up your bots, troubleshoot, and be there to answer any questions you have in real-time. 


When you join Dan Hollings The Plan with us, we invite you into our community in the safe haven of Slack. We do not believe in having people go along to Discord or any other of those easily hackable sites.

Slack is pretty cool, secure, and easy to navigate. Even for those who are new to it, it’s easy to get around it.

Inside, we have an amazing community with a bunch of different channels, such as Tech help, Bitsgap chats (the software we use in Dan Hollings The Plan), and specific channels for each country so you can chat to your fellow countrymen (and women) about crypto exchanges and crypto taxes.  

And unlike a Facebook group, you can actually look up stuff and find things really easily.

Inside the Bot Buddies community, people are constantly sharing information and asking questions, about Dan Hollings The Plan, the crypto bots, and crypto in general.


And of course, we have all of our recordings from our twice-weekly live Zoom calls inside our community as well.

Our calls started out as once a week, but now, because we’ve got people all around the world in different time zones, we actually have twice-weekly live sessions. So, it’s pretty unique I think.

I don’t think there are many other places where you’ll find this level of support and number of Dan Hollings The Plan students at varying levels of experience in crypto bots and crypto in general.

But yet, we are still a small intimate group, so we get to handhold our members, do walk-through sessions, do screen shares, and be helped exactly as needed. 

Of course, everything you get in Dan Hollings The Plan course is amazing. But when you’ve got somebody to talk to, nothing beats that.

Everything we provide as our Bot Buddies The Plan bonuses can be found on our webpage. You can take a look HERE

So definitely come along, and if you’re not seeing the countdown timer of the current enrollment, then you’ll be able to just join the waitlist to be notified when Dan Hollings The Plan is open again.

We’ve got a lot of great stuff!

Of course, the main thing is definitely the Bot Buddy community, 100%.

We also have a lot of people super keen on finding really cool coin pairs and sharing them. So you’ll find, that even though you get the Coin Pair Research (CPR) Service for two months when you join The Plan, and then they want to charge you like $300, you do not need to pay $300 a month to get your coin pairs.

You just need to come and hang out with your Bot Buddies, because you’re going to get even better coin pairs found for you. The Coin Pair Research (with The Plan) is very, very conservative.

We have a lot of fun in our Bot Buddy Community.


By joining Dan Hollings The Plan through our affiliate link, you also get 25% off the best coin tracking software, not just for tax, but to actually keep an eye on your entire portfolio.

And you get me, Jodie! I’m actually a mentor inside of the Rapid Crush Insider’s Communities, who are the promoters of Dan Hollings The Plan. So I can definitely keep you up-to-date before anybody else even gets an email from Dan Hollings!

I know about things in advance and I can also help with additional support there as well.

ALL of our bonuses are listed out HERE or just click the green button on the banner below and come and have a look to see what you’re getting.

Yes, we are affiliates. Yes, we are actually promotion partners for Dan Hollings The Plan. And that means that we do get paid by Dan. We get paid by Dan Hollings The Plan to support you so you don’t have to pay anything extra on top.

All of our bonuses, including all of the hands-on help and support, is FREE to you!

But I’m pretty sure we’re the only partners out there that are providing hand-holding, one-on-one screen share time, including catching up with other very clever students who are getting super involved in Dan Hollings The Plan.

So if you’re doing research on who to join The Plan through, we hope you do choose us to be your guides Inside The Plan and your Bot Buddies going forward.

We’ve got an amazing group of people and we’re here for you. It’s just so much fun!

So if you have any questions about Dan Hollings The Plan itself…yes, it’s a hefty price, so maybe go and have a look at my post about why I think you should do the payment plan instead of the full price. You can READ THAT HERE


Please, reach out, and let us know. We’re here to give you whatever you need to help you get started quickly, efficiently and get those bots up and running, and make you some great daily wiggle profits, just as Dan Hollings has shown all of the people around the world that are doing this, and just like we have done since July 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you into The Plan and being one of our Bot Buddies!

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  1. Christine Dawson

    Hi, I just found you on YouTube today and love love love your content, you girls are living my dream life, travelling and earning as you go! Just wondering if I could become a bot buddy? I joined The Plan about 15 months ago and am very frustrated and pretty much have quit, (all my bots have been running below their grids for months) I am down 75% in capital……. Anyway after watching you I feel like dusting myself off and giving it another go. Thanks Christine (from Melbourne)


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