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Hello, it’s Jodie here. In this post I’m wanting to share with you what it looks like to have a bot that has not been doing anything for two months. It’s been running for five months, but it only had life for three months to start with and then it dropped down out of range at the start of December, 2021, otherwise known as “Red December” that led into January 2022 and pretty much the declaration of a bear market.

I want to take a look at what happened here, and why this grid is showing one little green dot down the bottom.

So let me explain. I’m just going to scroll down and show you where the bot is at at the moment. So it is saying that the bot profit has been $3,394 which is a 114% bot profit. But I had a bit of a realization when I saw that the average daily rate had dropped from over 1% a day and just kept falling down.

And here we are at exactly two months of it being out of range. The average for the whole entire five months, seven days is 0.72% a day. Now this has made me really start to think, what am I doing with this bot? Why have I actually still got it sitting here?

So it had made more profit than what I’d actually put in, it had doubled itself. I did actually use some of the funds in another bot, and I also reinvested some of the funds trying to “trail down” (*Note: No longer a feature of Bitsgap). I was trying to follow the drop down a little bit until I realized that was just a bit fruitless in doing that because I just didn’t know what the market was going to do. So I thought, well, I’ll wait. So some money went back in to try and fix the grid lines here and nothing happened.

It almost got back into play, but then it didn’t, again. So a little bit further on and we are right down and I thought this is crazy. I wonder if I can even try to move the grid lines down a bit more with a new strategy that was actually taught by Dan Hollings in The Plan about how to actually recycle funds.

It needed a little bit of additional funds put in, and I tried to do the recycling, but I was just too far out of range. If you look way back over here in September, I started here at this price range and we are now down here.

I can even show roughly what that percentage is by using the measuring tool. So where we’re sitting today is still about nearly 60% down, it is pretty much 60% down on where I first bought in at this STEP/USD trading pair.

So the question is: What am I going to do? I’ll open up the little graph here and have a look. So it says on initial funds, I’m down $681. That’s what I put in to start with, which actually was $2,958, it wasn’t quite $3,000.

Of course, you’re never going to be truly down unless you sell the coin. So if I look at this bot $3,394 USD profit has been made. Now, this is one of the reasons why we like doing trading pairs with a stablecoin, because you can actually see straight away what your profit is. You’re not having to guess how much is Bitcoin worth or how much is Ethereum worth. It’s kind of nice and easy. So if I was to close this bot right now, I would say, okay, I’m going to take my $681, take it off there and I’m still $2500 in advance.

I’m actually going to leave this bot be and just wait because I’m not going to do anything with the STEP. I don’t want to sell the STEP coin while it’s so far down, because there is a chance that it will come back and at the moment I can afford to leave $1000 just sitting there.

Why close the bot when it’s still got such a huge daily average return rate, having done nothing for almost half of its life? It’s kind of crazy! It did so well for the first three months, but the last two months it has pretty much done nothing except for me trying to resurrect it. So I want to leave it sitting there because when this does go up, it will come back into play, and we’ll start making profits again.

Then the average daily rate is just going to average out. I’m really just fascinated to see what this does. So right now it’s not costing me anything. And it’s only holding about $1000 so I don’t really need that right now, and I’m not going to take a loss on that. I’m just going to let it sit there so that I can come back and report to you on how it does.

There’s another bot in range that’s in my selection here that was just really, really badly timed. So it started two months, 13 days ago, which was literally about two days before the Red December crash happened. So that’s why the average daily has dropped down to next to nothing, becuase it really only got a chance to earn $750 in a few days.

With this one, I am looking at trying to keep it alive as well. It’s getting very close to where it needs to be. So I’ll just scroll back up and look at the graph, see if that’ll change.

So the reinvestments that I’ve been making back in here has actually brought the grid lines down a little bit and I’m not far off that one now. And I have a feeling, it’s just purely gut instinct only, that this is going to come back into range, and start profiting. This is definitely one that I would never close down because when it does come back into play, it’s going to be worth a lot of money. So again, you don’t lose money unless you sell. And if I sold this right now, I’d be down about $750. So the profit was $750, I’ve put in extra funds, but the values down.

It’s just not one that would be worthwhile closing and it would just be kind of silly. So in order to combat a little bit of that and be able to put a little bit of money back into the trailing down, I actually started a bot yesterday and this one’s just killing it! It’s made $54 overnight. I used that $54 to put back in here just to bring the gridlines closer.

 If this is all a bit too tech jargony at the moment, that’s fine. It’s all explained inside of The Plan.

If you’re noticing there is a bit of a gap between five months, four months, two months, 14 days, seven days, I have closed a couple of bots in between. Not taking a loss, but definitely only taking a net profit, because it’s been a long, hard couple of months of things being really down, and bots that were started prior to the drop have been out of range. They weren’t earning anything and I just had to make a call. But I’ve become more educated since then thanks to some updates that Dan has provided to all Plan members.

It really is a good reminder that you can still be making wiggle in a downward market, a sidewards market, and an up market. But if it drops out of range, you just have some decisions to make. And these are the decisions that I’ve made: To keep this one alive, and shut off another one. Maybe in another post I’ll show why I shut it off and what my actual realized profit was after the downturn.

But for right now, I just wanted to show that starting a new bot, if you have got the funds to do that, is just a nice way to be able to make a little bit and maybe try to resurrect one of the ones that is out of range.

So there you have it! Just a quickwrap up on what’s been happening with my bots. If this was helpful to you, please leave a comment, tell us if you’re part of The Plan, or if you are using Bitsgap.

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If you’ve got any questions, pop them in the coments.

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