$500 in 5 Days With Dan Hollings The Plan… Victory in a Down Market!

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After doing Dan Hollings The Plan, and setting up our crypto bots using his all-important settings, we show you inside our Live Bitsgap account in real-time (in the video & screenshots below) at the $500 profit we’ve made in the last 5 days, even though the market is bearish and way down right now. This is worth seeing! 

The following is an edited version of the video transcript…


We’ve got quite the task ahead of us in this post, because we’re going to show you as much as we possibly can, without crossing over the NDA requirements of Dan Hollings The Plan, which is not showing you any of the crypto bot settings that he teaches. 

We’re going to do our best to take a high-level overview and sort of zoom in to show you inside our own Bitsgap Live account here, and explain what’s happening to hopefully answer any questions you have regarding whether Dan Hollings The Plan is right for you or not.

Having a look here at the image below first and foremost, you actually get to see the average daily trading time of our bots. And you’ll see that the oldest bot we currently have is just 4 days and 20 hours, so almost 5 days.

They are all relatively new because we did something very bold just last weekend, and that was to close down all of our bots.


I made this decision after actually going through Phase 4 of Dan Hollings The Plan training.

I wanted to be able to start with a clean slate. I had a little bit of a mindset shift around the capital that we’ve got, and how to make that money work for us because there were a few bots that were “out of range”, that is they had fallen out of the grid lines that create the trades and therefore the profits.

So really we are looking at less than a week for the oldest bot. And so far the bot profit is $509 off five bots. Now that is not usual all the time. It’s definitely because I have taken on board some of the lessons out of the Phase 4 training that was recently delivered to everybody who joins Dan Hollings The Plan.

You may not go through those advanced lessons straight away because you need to go through Phase 1 first, but there are some really powerful strategies in Phase 4 of Dan Hollings The Plan, and definitely some extra ideas on how to earn a little bit more than the average.

And the average is still very, very good when you compare it to any other kind of investment strategy!

I just wanted to give that bit of a disclaimer that the numbers you’re seeing here are quite possibly not normal. As for what the benchmarks are, Dan talks about that inside of Dan Hollings The Plan. 


Our LOOKS/USD bot was actually a coin pair that we had running before we shut all of our bots down and started again. It had been doing pretty well and we decided to what they call “regrid it” and put more money into it.

This is the first time in the whole time we’ve been doing Dan Hollings The Plan, since mid-2021, that we’ve actually put on a $5,000 bot.

If we look at the admin area of that bot (which takes you behind the scenes of the bot), it says the initial funds were $5,034. So that was the value of the bot when I started it.

And it’s now currently valued at $5,300.. and that’s only in four days 20 hours.

So in less than five days, we’re pretty happy with those results.


The psychology of going from a $3,000 bot (the starting investment for a bot in Dan Hollings The Plan) to a $5,000 bot was just to experience it because we hadn’t experienced it before. We wanted to actually see how much more the profits are, and whether it’s worthwhile doing this.

A lot of our Bot Buddies (our support community for those that join Dan Hollings The Plan through our affiliate link) have suggested that if you’re starting with $3,000 bots and they’re doing really well, why not add more money to it? And we’ve always sort of said, rather than do that, why don’t you put on another bot so you get a little bit of a portfolio effect and sort of diversify?

So really more than anything, we just wanted to have the experience directly ourselves to see how a $5,000 bot would perform. Now in doing that, it meant that we had a little bit less capital to put into another one of the bots.


Our DOT/BTC bot shown in the image below is what’s called a HODL bot. We did actually have the DOT, which is Polkadot, and the Bitcoin in our exchange already.

So we thought, well maybe a way to keep the coins and also make some money on them, is to actually bot them and have them doing their little micro trades each minute. 

In four days we’ve made $44. You would agree it’s nothing really to write home about, but if that continues, let’s say it is roughly $10 a day for 30 days over 12 months, then in a 12-month period, an investment of $3,000 is going to give more than a 100% back. Try getting that in a bank!

And that’s how you have to reframe it sometimes… looking at it and not just doing the human nature thing of always wanting more and more and more, but comparing it to what you could get elsewhere on your money. 


The NEAR3L/USDT bot you see above is the third style of bot that we only recently learned about in Dan Hollings The Plan Phase four. So I guess you could say we were just wanting to test this out.

It’s almost three days now and the numbers are insane! 3.59% a day return. If that was to continue, that would be around 35% ROI for the month. 

We have definitely taken on board the Phase 4 training, looking at the timing, and looking for the right coin pairs. To be honest, we’ve been really good at picking coin pairs this whole entire time, for almost a year now.

We still scratch our heads as to why people think they need to get the Coin Pair Research done for them, which is something you get for a couple of months when you first join Dan Hollings The Plan. But there’s no need to continue on with that service at $300 a month when you join Dan Hollings The Plan through our affiliate link because you will become part of our Bot Buddies community, where we always share our winning coin pairs with everyone… as do many other Bot Buddies that find great profiting coin pairs. 

Dan Hollings The Plan people holding hands

On the NEAR3L/USDT bot, you can see we only put it on for $1169, which is less than half the $3000 bot value that Dan Hollings recommends.

But we think there comes a point where it’s like, we’re all grownups and we get to actually experience different things with our own money, so we chose to only use $1169 of our crypto as that’s all we had available at the time.

But this has actually proven to us directly now, exactly why Dan Hollings suggests putting on $3,000 bots.

This style of bot is what’s called a leverage bot. It’s not doing leverage trading. It’s just a different type of coin that you have to use different settings for, which Dan gives you in The Plan Phase 4. 

To create this leveraged bot, we had to go to a different exchange that actually charges us fees. In our main exchange FTX, we don’t pay any fees because we hold some of the FTX Exchange in-house tokens. But in order to get these higher profits, we’ve had to come over to a different exchange.

You can see that the fees above in USDT, which is equivalent to USD dollars, for every single trade is 1.30 cents. So it’s about 1 cent per trade.

And the profit when we make the sale was 11 cents, but that’s the net profit. So it would be the equivalent of saying that the profit was 12.5 cents.

But you’ll see that we’re actually paying 1.2 or almost that 1.3 cents on all the buy trades as well.

This has been quite fascinating because it means that it’s okay that we’re getting a profit when we make the sale, but every time we’re making a buy order, we’re also paying a small fee as well.

This is kind of proof in the pudding that you’re still going to be in profit, regardless of fees. 

So because the bot itself was only started with $1,100, then each of the trades is only down to about 11 or 12 cents. Therefore the profit overall has to be less as well.

This is one of the reasons why Dan Hollings definitely makes the recommendation of starting bots with $3,000.

But don’t freak out if you start a bot with less, and really, because Bitsgap will only allow you to do 95% of your total funds anyway, sometimes people start their bots with only $2700 or $2800. It’s not a big deal. Don’t get stressed out over that kind of semantics.

We’ll actually be closing this down and looking at moving some more money in so we can actually start it at its proper price point, which will just help those extra fees that we’re paying.

Let me just show you this one in particular, because it is a leveraged coin and it’s being run from our exchange FTX, which is our favorite exchange.

The reason we decided to hold onto a few of the FTX in-house tokens is that it’s paying for itself by not having any fees on all of these little trades.

But on top of that, we get to move money for free too. When you’ve had the experience of moving Ethereum from one exchange to another, you’ll know there’s usually a hefty fee involved. We pay no fees.

So that’s another reason why FTX is our fav exchange. But please note, that this is different from FTX US. If you’re from the US and you are reading this, don’t think that you can go and get an FTX account. You would need to have an FTX US account. And currently, Bitsgap is not hooked up to that, but it’s coming. They’ve had so many requests that it will be coming.

You can see below that our fees, and it doesn’t matter if we’re selling or we’re buying, are zero.

So that makes a big difference! In this particular bot, you can see above that we’re making a clear 18 cents profit on each of these small trades (second column from the right). And the bot did start with just $2300.

One of the reasons that a couple of our bots are a little bit less in value as well is because we had lost a bit of value through this down market that we’ve been going through for the last few months.

But we weren’t bothered about losing a bit of value because we know that these types of profits will come back. Even to look at $500 in less than a week, that’s recouping the loss in value pretty quickly. And we’re happy to stop the bot and put it back on with more money, so they get back up to the value that they’re meant to be.

We fully believe that this is a good market now for starting crypto bot trading because it’s going to be more of a sidewards toward an upwards market.

For those of us who had a lot of bots on when things went up, up, up and then there was a big crash in December, it’s like the value had been lost there a little bit. Actually, some people lost a lot of value in their portfolios.

Dan Hollings talks about how you can make a profit in a downward market. Yes, you can. But when it drops so dramatically, it’s almost like the opposite of a moonshot. When it goes from being really high to really low, then a hundred percent you’re going to get value loss.

But of course, there are no realized losses unless you go ahead and sell and completely get out of crypto altogether.

We just want to show you now the actual bots we had closed down, the ones that were just below eight months old and more recent.

The decision to close was driven by the fact that a lot of the bots had lost value in the bear market. So that means there was crypto sitting there not working for itself.

The whole point of having this crypto bot software and Dan Hollings The Plan program is having crypto actually work for you… so it’s making a nice healthy profit each day.

It was a real light bulb moment for us to see the switch between the thought process that, well, if the entire market’s down, it’s not just this coin that’s down in price and value. If we take this coin and move it into another coin that is also down in price, then we can start the bot and it can start earning money for us.

The question is, do we hold onto a bunch of tokens that are not working for themselves and literally just waiting for the value to go up? Doing what the majority of people do when they buy crypto and HODL it.

No! We want to move the crypto and get it working for us again.

Because all of those little daily profits, like we’re seeing above, they add up over time and that will then eventually either:
A) bring our capital back to the value that it was at, or
B) make enough profit to be able to put more bots on, to be able to start that semi-compounding effect.

But making the decision to close the bots down and restart them… are the sort of things we can definitely help you with when you’re part of our Bot Buddies community, which you will become a part of when you join Dan Hollings The Plan via our affiliate link (which you can do HERE)

We can help you take the knowledge you get from Dan Hollings and look at all the sets of rules, to then make your own decisions about your bots. 

white and black abstract illustration

Let’s just have a quick look at the spot history above. 

These are all the bots that we closed down and you can see them here for seven months, 28 days. So just shy of eight months. Seven months, 17 days, three months, five days, nine days, one month, etc. So there are a few different ones there.

STEP/USD, in particular, had gone down in value by 43%, but this bot profit is actually interesting because originally it was saying that it was a hundred and something percent because we’d earned more in the first few months when it was running than what the bot was actually worth. So that was a fascinating one. It was a bit hard to close down because we liked it for that legacy aspect.

As we said, you learn to make these decisions along the way. And to be honest, this past almost 12 months now, at the time of this recording, has been just amazing to be able to tap into the mindset of a true investor and somebody who really believes in the crypto space, but along the way is making money with it as well.

We think it’s super important to be choosing the right team to hang out with that can help you hands on with your bots when ever you need it. Again, our Bot Buddies are a very small group. Nat & I not like those big influencers out there who don’t even have a spare second to give you to answer a question.

And even though the Rapid Crush support ticket system, the email ticket system, is good, nothing beats having a real person to have a conversation with.

So when it does come time to make all these different decisions, like getting your bots started, it can be terrifying to do it the first time. But over time you get your bot confidence up and just being able to speak with other people, see what they’re doing, see what they feel, it’s invaluable.

Again, this is never any financial advice of course, but having direct experiences, putting on your big girl pants, and giving it a go.

We do hope it’s been helpful. Thanks for reading!

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