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Hello, this is Jodie, one-half of the Roaming Income Girls. Today I wanted to give you a look at  our Bitsgap account. Now, this is just the shared version of our Bitsgap account so you’re not seeing all the settings of all the bots.

► Bitsgap Share Link

Here is our share link so you can see for yourself our LIVE bots on Bitsgap: 

You can click on the above link at any time and actually see our portfolio and what’s happening with it. So it is live. It is real, and you can click on the link and have a look at any time.

 At the time of this post, which is the 12th of July, I just wanted to share with you something I don’t often do. And that is to have a look at where we’re actually at with this portfolio of bots that have been started anywhere from 12 to 28 days ago.

So right now we have been paid out $2053, which is a 21.44% return on the $10,000 or so dollars that have been invested into these crypto bots. One thing I wanted to point out is, because the timeframe is all over the place here, we can actually add up those numbers of days and work out the average.

Let’s just add up the number of days each of these bots have been live, which you’ll find the figure underneath the average daily wiggle. We’ve got 25 days plus 15 days, 15 days, 28 days, and 12 days. That’s 95, then divided by the five bots that are there, and that is 19 days.

So that’s just under three weeks. To think we’ve earned $2,000, all on autopilot, all actually being paid out and being available funds off just a $10,000 investment is pretty mind blowing.

And also considering that some of this profit was already put into the other bots. So if I just change this over here and go from the highest paying bot down, the profits we’d started earning here 25 days ago were already used to come into this bot that was started 12 days ago.

This is usable money. It’s not locked away. It’s not just sitting there on a dashboard in make believe land saying that you’re earning all this money that you can’t touch. It’s actually real. And it’s been paid into the exchange that can be used now.

Not all of the profits are going back into starting bots in our portfolio, because right now in this bear market, we think it’s a really wise idea to stock up on some of the digital gold and digital silver such as Bitcoin Ethereum, and maybe some of the other top 10 coins that we really like the projects of.

So that’s what we’re doing. Our portfolio is following what we learn inside a program called The Plan where about 50% of our portfolio is in bots and we HODL, or put aside into a savings account, the different cryptos that we’re looking to invest in long term, because there’s a pretty major event coming up in 2024 that has us accumulating as much as possible right now.

As we get more available funds in the fiat world, we will top this up again. But really what it comes down to is even just on five bots with a balance of just over $10,000 invested, to think that $2,000 has already been paid out is really quite mind blowing. And particularly when you compare that to what other people are doing in the crypto space they just buy their crypto and hold it.

Maybe they stake it or put it aside so they can earn some interest on it, but those interest rates are annual and they are generally down at around 5%, maybe topping out at about 15% in annual interest. Whereas we are getting well over 15% A MONTH just by running these bots.

So it’s a really smart strategy. It’s a unique strategy. And it’s not all about putting everything into your crypto automated bots. There is actually a lot to learn inside of The Plan about having a full wealth creation strategy in play.

I just really wanted to point this out and also explain this figure. If you’re looking at this figure, what it means is the profit and loss figure as of today with all the markets being down a little bit, if we scroll back up and even if we choose the Ethereum one as a good example, I mean, it’s right down to $1,036 right now.

Just a few days ago, it was up over $1,260. What this is saying is if I was to close all of these bots right now, right in front of you, I would have a net P&L of $1,041.

But there’s no way we’re going to close these bots because they are little money making machines! They are producing money every single day. Pretty much every minute in some cases. Profit that is available, ready to use.

You get to have the choice of how you use it, whether you’re going to reinvest into other bots like I did do here, or whether you’re going to swipe it over into a savings account and stash some Bitcoin or any of the other favorite cryptocurrencies that you’d like to have. Again with that long-term view of what will happen beyond 2024, and particularly beyond 2025.

So this is not just a savings plan, like a wealth creation savings plan, looking only at the future. It’s really only with automated bots that you can create daily cash flow, and that’s why we love it.

And that’s why we love playing around with it and watching it. It can be as set and forget as you like, particularly with the new settings that have been released from the creator of The Plan, Dan Hollings. It can be very set and forget if you like to do that, but if you’re a little bit geeky like us and you’re really into it… It is pretty fun to come and have a look at how much your bots are earning and deciding what you’re going to do with those daily cash flow available funds. That’s the key point here compared to other things that are out there in the crypto space.

This is very unique because they are daily usable, realized profits. So I hope that’s been a help. If you have any questions pop them in the comments, and let us know if you’re interested in learning more about The Plan.

Of course, if you know you are ready, just click the yellow box below where you will learn about all of our exclusive bonuses and jump on board with The Plan!

It’s a very unique strategy and we love supporting people getting involved in crypto safely, securely, and to a degree conservatively, but that depends on your own risk management. Definitely come along check it out, make a decision for yourself.

And of course, we’re here to answer any questions if you have any at all. And if you just want to keep an eye on how this little portfolio is going, then follow THIS LINK to our shared Bitsgap account,open it up and see what it’s doing compared to the time of this post.

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