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Today’s post is going to be about the absolute crazy wiggle that we’ve been getting with Celsius as a coin pair. Since there was some not-so-great news that came out about Celsius recently, and really what it comes down to is a bit of a dateline.

So let’s start with the news that came out on June 12th. That was when Celsius announced to its community members that they were going to need to pause withdrawals because this was pretty much the time that Bitcoin dropped from around $28,000 in value down to about $20,000.

Alot of people were doing the panic thing and withdrawing, which I will never ever understand. You know, that’s just human nature to be freaked out over stuff like that, rather than just letting things sit and lie. It’s the nature of the beast.

So literally June 12th, this notice came out, and four days later on June 16th, I started a CEL/USD bot.

All the people that own the Celsius coin and have other assets inside of the Celsius wallet were definitely getting a little bit worried, which means that there’s generally good trading activity on that particular token. And we did this same thing with Luna.

Grid trading bots give you the opportunity to get some of your money back. I mean, if you’re locked out of Celsius, or if you have some CEL tokens, then operating trading bots through an exchange is possibly a great way to start recouping some of your losses. So let me walk you through what I actually did here, and why it was really a little bit of a speculative thing.

Just to be upfront, I did go a little bit against The Plan rules, but based off the new settings that Dan Hollings has given called the “Bottom Feeder “settings, I  had a spare $550 that I started it with. That was all. I wasn’t willing to put any more money into it. I just wanted to really see how this was going to go.

So I started this bot with $550 and it wheeled along like crazy for three days to the degree of 5.52% average daily wiggle. That’s just like mental.

So why did I close it? Well, it got to the point where it had increased in value and I thought I want to put some more money into this. I want to actually take these profits and maybe bring a little bit more money into it and start the bot again.

Looking at this next graph, this bot was started the same day, and over the next six days it created 3.18% daily average wiggle, And as you an see, it did rise right up and then drop back down.

If you’re in The Plan, you’ll know that a rise means it drags your grid up. And what actually happened was I decided to put a stoploss on because I wanted to make sure I could pull the grid back down if the price was going to go down as well. So I put a little bit of extra money into that, and it became a $1,000 bot then from there.

So we started it again with $2,000 and it started going down, down, down, and I was like, oh no, I don’t want it to go out of range. Let me see if I can just stop it and move it down.

So even though it says there was a -13% change, that wasn’t a problem because I was going to literally just be regridding the bot down, and that’s what we’ve done.

So it’s still live. At the time of this post, it’s been operating  for three days and three hours at 2.8%, so about 3% a day. So the wiggle has slowed down a little bit, but you know, it’s still got some crazy wiggle and going up in value. And to be making $175 in three days on $2000. I’m pretty happy with that.

The reason for showing you this Celsius journey is because there is just so much talk around Celsius at the moment which creates additional volatility, which creates additional wiggle, and therefore profits.

At one stage I had about $1,400 worth of CEL token sitting in the Celsius wallet. But we’d actually cashed some of that out and moved it over into the Bitcoin and Ethereum.

So don’t look at it as being a loss when it’s just moving from one coin to another. They are all down in value at the moment. What I’m looking at here is, I know I’d spent a lot more for the CEL coin and it’s currently sitting here at 84 cents. During the bubble it had actually gotten up to  $1.60. But it is still a long way from where it had been and where I had previously bought some coin.

Just so you realize as well, I don’t look at anything with regards to crypto as being “losses”. It’s always “the portfolio value is down” and the portfolio value is down for a period of time until it goes back up again. There’s a lot of psychology around how you actually choose the words that you choose.

Funnily enough, we had sold out all our coins in Celsius a good week or two before the issues Celsius started having. And no, I didn’t have any heads up on that! We were just  following some advice to start to consolidate things and try to get into Bitcoin and Ethereum while they were really low.

It was just a decision to be made and move things out of Celsuis to consolidate. But I guess in the back of my mind, I knew what I had previously paid for CEL and now running bots, what’s happening is this $175 here, this $201 there, this $91 in three days and 22 hours here… All of that is just helping recoup some of the value there had been before I actually swapped those coins out.

So I wanted to share that with you. And also, just while I’m here with some of our live bots, I do have a few extra ones here as well. The one I wanted to show you is our ETH/USD bottom feeder bot. And we’ve got a Bitcoin/USD bot using a bottom feeder bot settings too.

Now, if you are in The Plan, when you look at these red figures the first thing to do is literally look at it and do nothing. But generally speaking, you are wanting to see bot figures that are green and green. Well, I’m here to tell you that you should be getting super excited if you see this red figure increase! And I’ll tell you the reason. I started this particular bot with almost $2500.

And it bought nearly 0.03 Bitcoin, and now I have just over 0.04 Bitcoin. And that’s because the price is just floating along at the moment. You can see it almost looks like a string of Christmas lights.

It’s just sort of been floating along there. And what will happen, because of the grid that I have in place with this bottom feeder bot, is if the price goes down, it will make that change value figure get higher. So it’ll be in the red higher. But that’s the time to get excited because what’s really happening is it’s dollar cost averaging purchases of BTC on the way down, down, down, which means you could be getting Bitcoin for however low it goes to.

Something that might be of interest to you is to look at putting a stoploss on the downside, because that would mean you would have accumulated a good chunk of Bitcoin.

I’m not sure, I’d have to bust out the calculator to work this out, but let’s say that this holding got up to being around 0.1 of a Bitcoin, just in the way it’s going down… While still producing profit along the way, because remember the profit gets paid out to you.

Your Bot Profit is not part of your P&L because you’ve already been paid this wiggle factor. So the wiggle factor is quite low here. It’s 0.15%. I don’t care about the wiggle factor right now. The reason I’m running this bot is I want to make sure that I’m purchasing Bitcoin at the lowest possible price that I can get it at. And I’m happy to take a few dollars or a few cents here and there on the way down as profit as well.

So that is something that if you’re already in The Plan definitely look at doing and get excited about this major red, because then you would stop the bot and move your Bitcoin over to your cold storage, or into a savings account, or stake it, or whatever it is you’re wanting to do with your Bitcoin.

The same thing applies for Ethereum. With Ethereum we’ve actually done this a couple of times. So it had dropped way down. And to be honest, this is when I probably should have closed the bot. I should have happily taken it and closed it right down here so that I could move that larger amount of Ethereum over into Nexo, and have it be there stashing away, because right now our main focus is to be accumulating as much Bitcoin and Ethereum as we can and using the bots to create cash flow to do that.

I missed the opportunity to close it. I didn’t have a stoploss in place. But a lot of these kind of experiments we are doing ourselves and with our Bot Buddies inside of our Bot Buddy community, is to be learning and looking at being really wise with our overall portfolio strategy.

The bot should only ever be, as Dan Hollings says, 50% of your overall portfolio, because they create the cash flow that allows you to come back and then use that money to buy more or run little bots like these.

As I first showed with that very first CEL one, I literally only had a spare $550 sitting in the account. So I started a bot. Does that go against the rules of The Plan? Well, now that we’ve got the bottom feeder bots, not really. It’s a case of whatever the exchange will allow you to put on because there’s different settings for those.

So if you’re considering The Plan, if you are not buying into this crazy FUD, this fear, uncertainty and doubt that is being thrown around through clickbait type of media, then definitely consider getting in and learning the strategy and becoming part of our Bot Buddy community.

You can absolutely go it alone by learning The Plan. But I tell you what, even if you are wanting to do The Plan as totally set and forget, it’s gold to have connections to people like us and the amazing people in our community where we are testing, exploring, and making sure everyone’s getting the best possible return, and following a good solid strategy.

Because I’ll let you in on a little secret, there’s going to be a lot happening prior to the second quarter of 2024 when the next Bitcoin halving is happening.

We’re certainly having fun with our Bot Buddies, talking about what can be done in the meantime, embracing this market, this bear market at the moment, and not freaking out about it.

And again, just change the language of how you’re looking at your portfolio. Yes, your portfolio is down. The whole entire market is down. Your portfolio has to be down, but that’s not to say that you can’t still be earning amazing figures like $175 over three days.

I’ll even scroll down and share my other little winning bot that’s done $930 in the last two weeks. So it’s wiggling at 2% a day. The volatility is there. And it’s to be honest, even though Dan Hollings says the bots can work in any market, the bots 100% work the best in a sidewards market.

And we are going to have a good sidewards market for the next few months. Of course, the opportunity to be able to buy digital gold and digital silver at a bargain price.

So if you want to tap into the strategies we are using, then click the yellow box below and come and join The Plan. It’s going to be open again very soon. And we would love to have you be part of our community.

Just remember, yes, The Plan is an expensive course to buy, but you’re not just buying one course that you can self study. You’re actually buying full blown support with us. We’re the only people that are doing this full-time and have the time to give you to help you on this journey of becoming super wealthy crypto holders.

Because that’s exactly what we are doing. We’re calling it mission 10x. So any questions, let us know, please leave a comment, get in touch, follow the links. And we look forward to seeing you inside of The Plan really soon. 

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