Bitsgap Tutorial – How to Quickly Find Live & Demo ‘Share Links’… In 2 Easy Steps

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In this post, we show you how to quickly & easily locate the share links for your Live and Demo bot inside Bitsgap. Please note, share links are ‘view only’, so no one can access your Bitsgap account if you share these links. These Bitsgap share links are particularly handy if you are in Dan Hollings The Plan and are inside of our Bot Buddies Community. 

The following is an edited version of the video transcript…


Hello, it’s Jodie here and in this quick post, I  want to show you exactly where to get your share link in Bitsgap so if you’re wanting somebody to have a look at your crypto bots, then you don’t need to actually do screenshots or anything.

You can just get the share link and they will be able to see live into your account… without being able to actually do anything in there other than view your bots.

Unless you are wanting to share your demo bots as well as your live bots I will also show you how to turn off your demo bots so only the live bots show. 

So, inside of Bitsgap, straight underneath the crypto bot grid, there is a button that says “Share and Earn”.

If you click on it, it brings up an option asking do you want to actually share and earn?

There is a chance of getting affiliate links here, so you can earn commissions for recommending Bitsgap to other people. But right now we are only concerned with sharing your crypto bot links. 

We want people to be able to see the bot, so just toggle on to “Sharing on”, and then it gives you a link.

You actually just copy that link and share that. That’s the link where anyone can go and have a look at what your bots are doing.

One thing that happens is that if you have demo bots running, it will generally show both the live bots and the demo bots from that share link. 

So you just need to do the same thing. Just flick over to your demo bots by finding the dropdown at the top right of the Bitsgap interface, and then scroll down and toggle off the ‘Demo” mode. 

And it’s actually in the same place. So it’s just underneath, where it says, share and earn.

Now, this particular account doesn’t have any demo bots running, but you have the exact same experience as if you are wanting to turn the demo bots off… You flick it off or turn it on.

I’m sure you know how to actually get your demos on Bitsgap, which is up the top right of the Bitsgap interface. You simply flick it on or flick it off. In the “Off” position you will be seeing your live crypto bots only. The “On” position gives you only your demo crypto bots on the Bitsgap interface. 

So go get your share link inside your Bitsgap account and share it with whomever it is you want to share it with. 

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