Before You Join Dan Hollings The Plan You Must Do This 1 Important Step

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Before joining Dan Hollings The Plan, and really before you do anything in the crypto space, it is imperative you do this one simple thing that will keep you safe, secure, and even organized better. Wanna know what it is? Read or watch on…

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Hey there, it’s Jodie here, the taller half of the Roaming Income Girls with another frequently asked question post about Dan Hollings The Plan.

This post is all about protecting you and your assets… the one thing that we cannot recommend enough!

Crypto itself is generally more secure than any other transaction on the internet because of its decentralized nature. That means that no one person or company owns or can interfere with the blockchain, the place where all crypto transactions are displayed for all to see. 

Even so, steps like these are imperative so you can ensure you stay even more secure and in control of your crypto assets, especially before you join Dan Hollings The Plan.


The reality is that you’ll be using an email service quite regularly when you transact with crypto exchanges and they often email you one-off codes for particular security processes. This is on top of your two-factor authorization.

Since most of these exchange verifications are time sensitive (like 60 seconds to find the email, open it, get the code, and enter it into your exchange app), the last thing you want to do is have these types of crypto verification emails getting mixed up in your normal everyday email like Gmail, or if you have some sort of personal business email address. The chances of finding those verification emails and acting on them in the allotted time is slim when they are mixed with a bunch of other emails in your inbox. And needless to say stressful!!  

One thing we are so grateful we became aware of early into our crypto journey was having a dedicated email address that is purely for crypto activities. Simple, easy-to-find emails when we need them. 

The only thing we made the mistake of was not using this particular email service to sign up for Dan Hollings The Plan program, so we could get those emails too into one place… but that’s where you get to have the added advantage of our wisdom in hindsight.

The other side of it is, just having a clean inbox so you can find things very quickly and easily and stay up to date. And again, just not mixing your crypto life with your normal everyday life.

What Dan Hollings recommends inside The Plan, and thankfully it was the same thing that we started with all the way back in 2018, is Protonmail.

It’s an email service based out of Switzerland and being based there means that all of your data is secured by their very strict privacy laws.

From a tech perspective, they use end-to-end encryption and zero access encryption. So even Protonmail themselves cannot decrypt or read your emails.

As a result, your encrypted emails cannot be shared with any third parties. And that’s massive, particularly when you’re dealing with crypto exchanges.

The best part of all is it’s free!

We run all of our crypto dealings with the exchanges and the wallets through Protonmail.

And we highly recommend that you do the same, and get started even before you join Dan Hollings The Plan. Start with Protonmail now, so that even your Plan emails, updates, and information comes through there. That way, even your support tickets that go into Rapid Crush will all come through this one dedicated crypto email address that is fully secure.

To be honest, the only one we know of that is so secure, safe, and free is Protonmail.

And as we said, Dan Hollings recommends it himself.

It’s one of the first lessons inside of The Plan, so you get to have a bit of a jump start here by learning about it in advance, because we think it’s so important.

It really is a game-changer to have that separate, dedicated email, and it’s going to make your life in the crypto space and following Dan Hollings The Plan a hell of a lot easier.

So go ahead and get your Protonmail.

And if you’re ready to join Dan Hollings The Plan, make sure you follow the banner below.

We look forward to welcoming you into our “Bot Buddies” community and supporting you on the journey! Just click the banner below to get started.

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